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Index IQ Set To Begin Trading The IQ South Korea Small Cap ETF (SKOR) Tomorrow April 14th

April 13th, 2010

Index IQ is set to begin trading the “IQ South Korea Small Cap ETF” (SKOR) tomorrow April 14th. The Fund seeks investment results that correspond (before fees and expenses) generally to the price and yield performance of its underlying index, the IQ South Korea Small Cap Index (the “Underlying Index”).


The Fund employs a “passive management” – or indexing – investment approach designed to track the performance of the Underlying Index, which was developed by Financial Development Holdco LLC (“IndexIQ”), the parent company of IndexIQ Advisors LLC, the Fund’s investment advisor (the “Advisor”). The Underlying Index is a rules based, modified capitalization weighted, float adjusted index intended to give investors a means of tracking the overall performance of the small capitalization sector of publicly traded companies domiciled and primarily listed on an exchange in South Korea.

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The Underlying Index Components that are eligible for inclusion in the Underlying Index include the following characteristics, measured as of each quarterly rebalance date:

  • Issuer domiciled in South Korea;
  • Primary stock exchange listing in South Korea;
  • Minimum average market capitalization of $150 million for the prior 90 days and as of the quarterly rebalance date;
  • Maximum average market capitalization equal to the bottom 15 percent ranking of companies in South Korea based on market capitalization for the prior 90 days (the “Market Cap Ceiling”);
  • Minimum average daily trading volume of at least $1 million for the prior 90 days; and
  • Minimum monthly volume of 250,000 shares each month over the prior six months.

Securities of issuers with recent stock exchange listings (i.e., recent initial public offerings) may be added to the Underlying Index on a quarterly basis, provided that the companies meet all eligibility criteria and have been trading for more than 10 trading days. Existing Underlying Index Components whose average market capitalization falls below $100 million or increases above the level 65% higher than the Market Cap Ceiling for the 90 days prior to any rebalancing date will no longer be eligible for inclusion.

The Underlying Index Components are selected quarterly in connection with the reconstitution of the Underlying Index. Their respective weights are rebalanced quarterly in connection with the rebalance of the Underlying Index.

As of December 31, 2009, the U.S. dollar-denominated market capitalizations of the Underlying Index Components ranged from approximately $300 million to approximately $725 million. For additional information about the Fund’s principal investment strategies, see “Additional Description of the Principal Strategies of the Funds.”

Management Fee 0.79%
Distribution and/or Service (12b-1) Fees(a) 0.00%
Other Expenses(b) 0.00%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses 0.79%



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