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Is Apple Inc. (AAPL) or Google Inc (GOOG) A Better Warren Buffett Stock?

March 31st, 2013

warren buffetIn this video, Andrew Tonner looks at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) through the investment lens of Warren Buffett. Apple offers a dividend, with a likely dividend increase coming up. The stock trades at a low ratio to earnings and enterprise value and enjoys great growth potential.

A new low-cost iPhone, Apple TV, or iWatch could drive earnings higher. Google, meanwhile, is a classic wide-moat company. Many Internet users have ingrained search habits, and Google dominates both the computer and mobile search engine world.

It’s more fairly priced than Apple, but it isn’t expensive. Both companies, in their own ways, represent great long-term investments.

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For more, check out the video.

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Top 10 Holdings (63.11% of Total Assets)
Company Symbol % Assets
Apple Inc. AAPL 14.31
International Business Machines IBM 7.35
Google Inc. GOOG 7.35
Microsoft Corporation MSFT 7.26
AT&T Inc. T 7.03
Verizon Communications Inc. Com VZ 4.60
Oracle Corporation ORCL 4.46
QUALCOMM Incorporated QCOM 3.88
Cisco Systems, Inc. CSCO 3.82
Intel Corporation INTC 3.05



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  1. brad
    April 1st, 2013 at 19:57 | #1

    Neither are Buffett stocks. Buffett has stated he doesn’t buy companies in industries in which he cannot see generally what it will look like in 10-20 years.

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