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Airline Stocks Are Coming in for a Hard Landing

April 25th, 2013

airlinesIn a country sharply divided by political ideology, race, age, sexual orientation and cats versus dogs, it’s comforting to remember there are some things in which we all agree. Americans are pro Freedom in a vague way. We’re against earaches, aging and automated customer support centers.

Above all, as a unified body of 300 million, we despise waiting at airports for no reason. If it makes us seem like a nation of spoiled brats, that’s fine as long as our flights leave roughly on time.

The only people unaware of this hatred are the politicians and FAA officials inflicting flight delays on us all. The pols point across the aisle, the FAA swears it’s not intentionally slowing down service despite it being in their financial interest to do so, and airline lobbyists are already suing the government. All this and the cutbacks haven’t been in place for a week.

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It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the politicians are already showing signs of caving in on the forced cutbacks to the FAA. What is surprising is most airline stocks are having a big week on decent earnings news and continued momentum.

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