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The U.S. Economy Is Close To Imploding

September 20th, 2013

economyHaving allowed a couple of days for the tidal wave of mainstream, post-“tapering” nonsense to subside; it’s now time to look at the facts, as once again The Boy Who Cried Exit Strategy got in front of microphones to say “just kidding.”

At the time that B.S. Bernanke originally began his musings now known as “tapering”; it had already been observed that the U.S. pseudo-recovery was “longer than average duration” – i.e. it was already past its expiry-date. After stalling for 4 ½ years, and failing to deliver on all his previous promises of an “exit strategy” – while the U.S. economy was relatively “strong”(?) and supposedly growing – no rational government (or central bank) would ever time the withdrawal of stimulus to coincide with the end of a growth-cycle.

“Tapering” was always a hoax.

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Simply talking about tapering caused interest rates (i.e. borrowing costs) on U.S. ten-year Treasuries to nearly double; and naturally/inevitably those higher borrowing costs filtered through the entire U.S. economy. Thus in simply talking about tapering for seven months; the Banksters created so much economic “drag” on the U.S. economy that if Bernanke had actually, finally delivered on (yet another) “exit strategy” promise, it could have only been interpreted as deliberate economic suicide.

“Tapering” was always a hoax.

There is a delicious irony here. The “latest rounds of QE” – the current, $1 trillion per year of totally gratuitous U.S. money-printing – are not actually “new” money-printing at all. These infinite stacks of Bernanke-bills were being conjured into existence just as quickly before these “announcements”, it simply wasn’t being reported/declared.

It was counterfeit money, in every sense of the word. This was explained in a previous commentary. The original problem? No buyers (anywhere) for U.S. Treasuries – at “all-time record prices”. The solution? Counterfeit money.

Secretly print-up $trillions in counterfeit Bernanke-bills, and use that counterfeit money to “buy” U.S. Treasuries in auctions which (conveniently) had just been made totally opaque. Readers have seen or heard my description of the new-and-improved “Treasuries auction” previously.

A stack of Treasuries is placed on a table. The lights go out. (Sounds of paper-shuffling are heard.) The lights come back on. The stack of Treasuries is gone. “Auction” complete.

This cheap ‘magic trick’ was the Perfect Crime, and then Reality ruined everything. With the U.S. pseudo-recovery already beginning to obviously sag (in its old age); the call went out to the Fed for “more stimulus” – given the fact that the U.S. Treasury is totally empty (save for the IOU’s).

So B.S. Bernanke and Co. simply began reporting the “new money” they had already been counterfeiting previously, and presto! One $trillion per year in new, so-called “stimulus.” Now (suddenly) there was an actual “reason” for U.S. Treasuries to be improbably perched at all-time record prices – despite the fact the U.S. economy is obviously bankrupt: the Federal Reserve wasopenly monetizing all debt.

“The Truth shall set you free”? Not if you’re a central banker at the Federal Reserve. Then it’s a nasty ball-and-chain which (you discover to your horror) you can never remove.

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  1. Johnny
    September 28th, 2013 at 16:54 | #1

    NOT “another investigation”, but a FULL REENACTMENT of 9/11:

  2. frank wellbinder
    September 27th, 2013 at 12:32 | #2

    Charlesgreen is entirely right, these armchair analysts love to announce the end of the world, and it NEVER happens. what the hell does ‘close’ mean anyway (‘close’ to imploding)? what a joke.

    you couch your ‘analysis’ in non-defined terms such as ‘close’. You know, if you’re sure the economy is going to implode, put all your money on the short side and become fabulously wealthy.

    Let us know what your trades are so we can all get rich with you!

  3. Falesteeni
    September 23rd, 2013 at 11:19 | #3

    Petro Dollar SOON history!Welcome Petro-YUAN! ” Those who LIVE by the DOLLAR will VANISH with the DOLLAR”

  4. charlesgreen
    September 21st, 2013 at 04:44 | #4

    “The US Economy Is Close to Imploding.”

    Wanna bet? Let’s come back here in 2 years and see what’s happened. My bet – not much.

    Your whole “analysis” is based solely on levels of stated debt and currency. If what you were saying were true, wouldn’t we find dramatic declines in the foreign exchange rates of the dollar?

    And yet here’s what we do find.

    Euro to dollar rate at January 1 2009 .7129
    Euro to dollar rate today .7542

    Do you see an impending implosion? I don’t. If you do, I guess you’re smarter than the trillion dollars being placed on the other side of the bet by the currency markets.

    Don’t like the Euro comparison? How about the Chinese Yuan Renminbi?
    Yuan to dollar rate at January 1 2009 .1040
    Yuan to dollar rate today .1224

    Do you see an impending implosion? I don’t. But again, if you see one, you must be smarter than the global currency markets.

    Don’t trust my data? Go look up your own. Better yet: put your money where your mouth is. Tell me what economic indicator is going to indicate an imploded US economy two years from now, and put it in writing. I’ll bet the side that says that indicator isn’t going to move nearly as much as you suggest.

    See you in two years.

  5. spirittoo
    September 20th, 2013 at 23:28 | #5

    The economy isn’t going to implode until the elite that are running the show says so. According to Lindsey Williams that won’t happen until bernanke raises interests rates. At least that is what they plan … doesn’t mean things will go according to plan.

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