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ALPS To Begin Trading The RiverFront Strategic Income Fund (NYSEArca:RIGS)

October 8th, 2013

financial institutions, including debt securities of all types and maturities, convertible securities and preferred stocks. The Fund also may purchase securities issued or guaranteed by the U.S. Government or foreign governments (including foreign states, provinces and municipalities) or their agencies and instrumentalities (“government entities”) or issued or guaranteed by international organizations designated or supported by multiple government entities to promote economic reconstruction or development (“supranational entities”). The Fund may invest in mortgage-backed securities (“MBS”) issued or guaranteed by federal agencies and/or U.S. government sponsored instrumentalities, such as the Government National Mortgage Administration (“Ginnie Mae”), the Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”), the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“Freddie Mac”). The MBS in which the Fund may invest may also include collateralized mortgage obligations (“CMOs”). The Fund may purchase or sell securities on a when issued, delayed delivery or forward commitment basis. The Fund may also invest in other exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) and/or closed-end funds which invest in fixed income securities.

The Fund has not established any credit rating criteria for the fixed income securities in which it may invest, and it may invest entirely in high yield securities (“junk bonds”). Junk bonds are debt securities that are rated below investment grade by nationally recognized statistical rating organizations (“NRSROs”), or are unrated securities that the Sub-Adviser believes are of comparable quality. The Sub-Adviser considers the credit ratings assigned by NRSROs as one of several factors in its independent credit analysis of issuers.
The Fund may invest without limitation in U.S. dollar-denominated securities of foreign issuers and securities denominated in foreign currencies, and in securities of issuers located in emerging markets. In certain circumstances, the Sub-Adviser may attempt to offset a portion or all of the foreign currency exposure in these securities by entering into contracts with banks, brokers or dealers to purchase or sell securities or foreign currencies at a future date (“forward contracts”).

The average maturity or duration of the Fund’s portfolio of fixed income securities will vary based on the Sub-Adviser’s assessment of economic and market conditions, as well as current and anticipated changes in interest rates; however, the Sub-Adviser intends to manage the Fund’s portfolio so that it has an average duration of between two and ten years, under normal circumstances. Duration measures the price sensitivity of a security to interest rate changes. The longer the duration, the more sensitive the Fund’s portfolio will be to a change in interest rates. As the value of a security changes over time, so will its duration, which in turn will affect the Fund’s duration.

You can find the complete prospectus: HERE

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