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Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500: Nothing Left For The Market To Rally On

October 17th, 2013

Also when buying stocks, I continue to like the home supplies companies, such as The Home Depot, Inc. (NYSE:HD) and Lowes Companies, Inc. (NYSE:LOW), that have benefited from the recovery in the housing sector. But as much of the easy money has been made, I would wait for weakness to enter when looking at buying stocks.

In the financial services area, the easy money has been made in the big banks. I would consider buying stocks of some of the non-traditional financial plays, such as Green Dot Corporation (NYSE:GDOT) and Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAWK) in the prepaid cards market.

More will be played out as we move toward Black Friday and the weeks that follow; what happens then could help dictate how the next year will look when buying stocks.

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For the time, I suggest taking some money off the table and moving it into cash for future opportunities when buying stocks.

This article is brought to you courtesy of George Leong from Investment Contrarians.

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