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Global ETF/ETP Assets Reach A Record $2.4 Trillion

December 5th, 2013

ETFGIThe combination of US$17.0 billion in net inflows and positive market performance pushed assets in the global ETF/ETP industry to a new record high of US$2.4 trillion at the end of November, according to preliminary findings from ETFGI’s November 2013 Global ETF and ETP industry insights report. Net inflows into global ETFs/ETPs in November were weaker than the US$32.6 billion of net inflows in October and the US$35.7 billion net inflows in September.

“Rising levels of uncertainty as to when and how the Federal Reserve will taper its QE scheme has contributed to the weaker inflows into ETFs/ETPs in November” according to Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner at ETFGI.

In November 2013, ETFs/ETPs saw net inflows of US$17.0 billion. Equity ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows with US$18.2 billion, followed by fixed income ETFs/ETPs with US$1.1 billion, while commodity ETFs/ETPs experienced the largest net outflows with US$1.7 billion.

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Year to date (YTD) through end of November 2013, global ETF/ETP assets have risen by 21% based on positive market performance and net inflows of US$220.6 billion, which is in line with the net inflows at this time in 2012.

Equity ETFs/ETPs have gathered the largest net inflows YTD with US$213.5 billion, which is significantly higher than the US$124.4 billion at this point in 2012. Fixed income ETFs/ETPs have been the second most popular asset class, though net inflows of US$22.4 billion YTD are lagging behind the US$61.6 billion gathered YTD in 2012. Commodity ETFs/ETPs have so far experienced net outflows in 10 of the 11 months of 2013, with year to date net outflows reaching US$34.7 billion at the end of November. This is in contrast to net inflows of US$22.4 billion at this point in 2012.

Equities have been the preferred area to allocate assets during 2013 with net inflows of US$213.5 billion. North American/US equity ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows YTD with US$127.4 billion, followed by developed Asia Pacific/Japan equity ETFs/ETPs with US$35.5 billion, and developed European equity ETFs/ETPs with US$24.7 billion, while emerging market equity ETFs/ETPs have experienced YTD net outflows of US$9.8 billion.

YTD, iShares ranks first based on net inflows of US$57.3 billion. Vanguard is 2nd with US$55.7 billion, WisdomTree is 3rd with US$13.6 billion, PowerShares is 4th with US$13.3 billion and SPDR is 5th with US$11.5 billion.

Active ETFs/ETPs (transparent), which have been receiving a lot of press coverage recently, are still a very small segment of the industry with 126 products holding combined assets of US$20.9 billion, accounting for less than 1% of total ETF/ETP assets invested worldwide. Many existing ETF managers as well as traditional active mutual fund managers have made filings with the SEC hoping to offer non-transparent Active ETFs and ETMFs. The SEC is said to be discussing these proposals which in some cases have been with the SEC for over 5 years.

Please contact deborah.fuhr@etfgi.com or contact@etfgi.com if you would like to subscribe to ETFGI’s Global ETF and ETP industry insights reports or ETFGI’s Institutional Users of ETFs and ETPs 2012 report. Please click here to view this Press Release online. 

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