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Jim Rickards: Money Printing Will Destroy Confidence At Some Point

April 14th, 2014

On the 2 second attention span:

People are investing based on what they think is going on right now, because they have the curse of the 2 second attention span. So when the stock market is down 30% a couple of years from now, you can kiss those investments goodbye.

Have you ever wondered how billionaires continue to get RICHER, while the rest of the world is struggling?

"I study billionaires for a living. To be more specific, I study how these investors generate such huge and consistent profits in the stock markets -- year-in and year-out."

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Even Warren Buffett is buying hard assets:

Look at Warren Buffett, he is getting out of cash and into hard assets as fast as he can — railroads and oil…Warren Buffett is buying hard assets as fast as he can.

I talk about this in Chapter 3 of The Death of Money’ the Fed is manipulating every market in the world with zero interest rates. I don’t like to be in manipulated markets, I’d rather be in things that retain their value.

On gold manipulation:

The IMF sold 400 tonnes of gold in 2010. We know 200 tonnes went to India and Sri Lanka. Where did the other 200 tonnes go that they dumped on the market? They are funded by U.S. taxpayers but they are not being transparent.

On making money with gold vs preserving wealth:

I have always recommended about 10% gold, not all in, not 50%. Do you want to make money or do you want to preserve wealth?

This article is brought to you courtesy of Gold Silver Worlds, who advocates to own physical gold and silver outside the banking system.

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