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European Banks Have Their Worst Two Day Stretch EVER As The Global Financial Crisis Intensifies

June 28th, 2016

banksOver the last two trading days, European banks have lost 23 percent of their value.  Let that number sink it for a bit.  In just a two day stretch, nearly a quarter of the value of all European banks has been wiped out.  Read more…


Watch Japan; For All Is Not Well In The Land Of The Rising Sun

April 6th, 2016

japanese GDP growthOne of the epicenters of the global financial crisis that started during the second half of last year is Japan, and it looks like the markets in the land of the rising sun are entering yet another period of great turmoil.  Read more…


Time To Panic About Plunging Manufacturing Numbers?

March 2nd, 2016

manufacturing growthWe haven’t seen numbers like these since the last global recession.  I recently wrote about how global trade is imploding all over the planet, and the same thing is true when it comes to manufacturing.  Read more…


A 918 Point Stock Market Crash In Japan And Deutsche Bank AG (USA) Denies That It Is About To Collapse

February 10th, 2016

market correction bearOn Tuesday junk bonds continued to crash, the price of oil briefly dipped below 28 dollars a barrel, Deutsche Bank was forced to deny that it is on the verge of collapse, but the biggest news was what happened in Japan.  Read more…


The Oil Crash Of 2016 Has The Big Banks Running Scared

January 19th, 2016

short-oil-etfLast time around it was subprime mortgages, but this time it is oil that is playing a starring role in a global financial crisis.  Read more…


2016 Will Be A ‘Cataclysmic Year’ And ‘Investors Should Be Afraid’

January 13th, 2016

market-fear-panicThe Royal Bank of Scotland is telling clients that 2016 is going to be a “cataclysmic year” and that they should “sell everything”.  This sounds like something that you might hear from The Economic Collapse Blog, but up until just recently you would Read more…


Stock Markets All Over The World Crash As We Begin 2016

January 5th, 2016

bearbull21The first trading day of 2016 was full of chaos and panic.  It started in Asia where the Nikkei was down 582 points, Hong Kong was down 587 points, and Chinese markets experienced an emergency shutdown after the CSI 300 tumbled 7 percent.   Read more…


What Really Happened In 2015, And What Is Coming In 2016

January 4th, 2016

2016A lot of people were expecting some really big things to happen in 2015, and most of them did not happen.  But what did happen?  It is my contention that a global financial crisis began during the second half of 2015, and it threatens to greatly accelerate as we enter 2016.  Read more…


58 Stunning Facts About The U.S. Economy

December 28th, 2015

economyThe world didn’t completely fall apart in 2015, but it is undeniable that an immense amount of damage was done to the U.S. economy.  Read more…


Why A Major Deflationary Financial Crisis Is Imminent

December 11th, 2015

down plunging pricesIf we really are plunging into a deflationary global financial crisis, we would expect to see commodity prices crash hard.  That happened just before the great stock market crash of 2008, and that is precisely what is happening once again right now.  Read more…


Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Plunged Below $38 Dollars A Barrel?

December 8th, 2015

short-oil-etfOn Monday, the price of U.S. oil dropped below 38 dollars a barrel for the first time in six years.  The last time the price of oil was this low, the global financial system was melting down and the U.S. economy was experiencing the worst recession that it had seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Read more…


27 Major Global Stocks Markets That Have Already Crashed By Double Digit Percentages In 2015

December 7th, 2015

stock market tapeAnyone that tries to tell you that a global financial crisis is not happening is not being honest with you.  Right now, there are 27 major global stock markets that have declined by double digit percentages from their peaks earlier this year.  Read more…


Gerald Celente: A Stock Market Crash Will Happen By The End Of 2015

August 9th, 2015

Gerald CelenteGerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute has just gone on the record with a prediction that there will be a stock market crash by the end of this calendar year. Read more…


The Beginning Of The End For The Euro

January 22nd, 2015

europeThe long-anticipated collapse of the euro is here. When European Central Bank president Mario Draghi unveiled an open-ended quantitative easing program worth at least 60 billion euros a month on Thursday, stocks soared Read more…


The $23 Trillion Credit Bubble In China Is Starting To Collapse

January 20th, 2014

china etfsDid you know that financial institutions all over the world are warning that we could see a “mega default” on a very prominent high-yield investment product in China on January 31st? Read more…


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