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Taking Stock Of Silver Stocks

February 5th, 2014

silver barsMichael Noonan: We are of the simple opinion that any substitute for the real thing is never as good a choice as the original, even when it comes to Precious Metals.  There are so many other considerations that enter the picture when regarding mining stocks.  Read more…


Why Sprott Resource Corp. Sold $76M In Bullion

December 17th, 2013

india-gold-etfPrivate equity firm Sprott Resource Corp. recently sold off nearly $76 million in gold bullion, but don’t count the firm out of precious metals yet. What is the firm shopping for with its new-found cash? In this interview with The Mining Report, new Sprott Resource Corp. Read more…


Top Five Silver Mining Stocks By Market Cap

October 15th, 2012

Daniela Pylypczak: Although often overshadowed by gold, silver is one of the world’s best-known commodities. The precious metal is used as a safe haven investment as well as a play on larger macroeconomic trends, as silver has a significant role in the industrial world.  Read more…


Some Of The Biggest Silver Bulls In The Herd Speak Up (SLV, MFN, HL, PAAS, AGQ, MVG, EXK, SSRI, ZSL)

March 14th, 2012

Sally Lowder:  As the silver space picks up momentum and grabs attention, it’s taken on a decidedly Latin look. That’s evident from The Gold Report’s conversations with a handful of executives whose companies stand out among south-of-the-border silver producers. Sharing their opinions, insights and Read more…


A Need For Updated Gold Stock Indices (GLD, GDX, KGC, AEM, IAG, GDXJ, SIL, HL, SSRI, PAAS)

March 13th, 2012
Jordan Roy-Byrne:  The underperformance of gold stocks was a hot topic at PDAC and continues to dominate discussion in industry circles. As to why the sector is underperforming, we hear numerous reasons. The conspiracy crowd will claim manipulation or hedge fund shorting. More well-reasoned thoughts

Read more…


Roger Wiegand: Cycles Will Bring Gold and Silver Prices Higher (GLD, SLV, EXK, LODE, TGD, PVG, SSRI)

February 15th, 2012

The Gold Report:  Roger Wiegand, editor of Trader Tracks, says cycles will bring gold (NYSEArca:GLD) and silver (NYSEArca:SLV) higher in the first half of 2012: gold up to $2,050/oz and silver up to $44/oz or even $50/oz. He sees plenty of opportunities for volatility given the political and economic Read more…


Gold ETF Analysis: Under The Hood Of The Global X Pure Gold Miners ETF (GGGG, GLD, SLW, GDX, SSRI)

October 26th, 2011

Stoyan Bojinov: In recent years, exchange-traded funds have become popular as vehicles for financial advisors and individual investors looking to establish exposure to gold, a precious metal that has tremendous appeal both as a means of enhancing returns and smoothing overall portfolio volatility. Read more…


Investors: The Year’s Best Gold Miner Bet (GDX, MFN, GRS, SSRI, HMY, GG)

April 25th, 2011

Brad Zigler:  Last week, we looked at the trailing performance of gold mining shares, as a class, vs. bullion, using the indexes underlying the Market Vectors gold miners ETFs as our benchmarks. Read more…


Silver Investors: What’s The Outlook For The “Other” Precious Metal (SLV, AGQ, SLW, GLD)

April 13th, 2011

Money Morning Staff:  Silver rose as high as $41.98 an ounce this week – a 31-year high – and has remained above the $40-an-ounce level. That means that the “other” precious metal is up about Read more…


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