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Shell: Natural Gas is the Future of the Energy Markets

Natural gas is quickly becoming a go-to energy source for forward-thinking countries, and Royal Dutch Shell believes demand will steadily rise over the next several years.
NYSE:UNG August 31, 2016 8:08am

Natural Gas Now Supplies Over Half the U.K.’s Electric Power

natural gasFrom OilPrice.com: In a piece of news sure to please investors in the United States Natural Gas Fund, LP (NYSE:UNG), the U.K. reported recently that more than half of its electric power is now generated using natural gas.
NYSE:UNG August 26, 2016 6:06am

Here’s Why Natural Gas Prices Might Finally Be Bottoming

naturalgas600X300From Kurt Cobb: A key indicator is flashing signs of a potential bottom for natural gas prices, but the situation is murky and far from certain.
NYSE:UNG August 16, 2016 7:07am

The Technical Reasons Why Natural Gas Prices are Set to Skyrocket

Image of blue stove flameFrom Chris Vermeulen: During the last stock market top in 2007-2008 the price of natural gas completed a basing pattern (bottom) and broke out and had a massive rally. Will this happen again this time around?
NYSE:UNG August 11, 2016 12:12pm

Here’s Why Natural Gas Prices are Headed Higher

Image of blue stove flameNick Cunningham: The U.S. electric power sector burned through a record amount of natural gas in recent weeks, a sign of the shifting power generation mix and also a signal that natural gas supplies could get tighter than many analysts had previously expected.
NYSE:UNG August 9, 2016 6:06am

Sizzling Temps Help Spike Natural Gas Prices

natural-gas-runupIt has been quite a week for natural gas prices, spiking 8% yesterday and positing the biggest daily gains in seven months after new data showed a historically small addition to stockpiles last week, easing fears of a glut.
NYSE:UNG July 29, 2016 2:14pm

Natural Gas Inventories Surge – Here’s How to Trade It

naturalgas600X300Yesterday's natural gas report included a huge inventory build-up. Here are three ways investors and traders can play the natural gas markets using ETFs.
NYSE:DGAZ July 15, 2016 7:07am

Why Natural Gas Prices Will Surge Over The Next Year

natural gasArthur Berman:  Natural gas prices should double over the next year.
NYSE:UNG April 12, 2016 11:11am

Natural Gas: In Demand With Consumers, Out Of Favor With Investors

natural gasTony Daltorio:  Demand for natural gas as a power source keeps growing, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA). It recently forecast that 2016 will be the first year our country burns more natural gas for power than coal.
NYSE:UNG April 7, 2016 12:12pm

Why Natural Gas Has Bottomed

natural gasEconMatters:  Natural Gas Prices Bottomed. Everyone is trying to figure when the oil markets will bottom. Well lost in all the crazy action in markets globally is the nice resurgence off the bottom for natural gas prices.
NYSE:UNG January 8, 2016 12:12pm

The Natural Gas Market Play

natural gasEconMatters:  A lot of bearishness has been priced into the natural gas market due to many factors including robust production, bulging inventories, and mild weather on average across the country. Natural gas in the futures market reached a low of $1.68 MMBtu
NYSE:UNG December 22, 2015 1:13pm

Natural Gas Bloodbath Accelerates Amid LNG Glut Worse Than Oil

natural gasTyler Durden:  With Natural Gas down 6% in early trading, the most in 2 months, pressing to new record lows.
NYSE:UNG December 14, 2015 3:15pm

The LNG Hedge Fund Battle

LNG natural gasMarshall Hargrave:  There’s a quiet hedge fund battle being waged in natural gas.
ETF BASIC NEWS November 19, 2015 4:16pm

3 Factors That Will Change Natural Gas Investing Forever

natural gasAlex McGuire:  It hasn't been a good year for natural gas investing. Natural gas prices have cratered 21.8% so far in 2015. As of Oct. 6, they're trading at $2.48 per million British thermal units (BTUs).
NYSE:UNG October 13, 2015 3:15pm

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