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3 European ETFs Leading The Market Higher

April 10th, 2015

europeFinally, the QE launch in the Euro zone appears to be paying off. The gradual easing in deflation, improving business morale, rising retail sales suggesting growing consumer confidence as well as flying stock markets are pointing to this fact. Read more…


Europe The Best Short-Term Investment Opportunity Outside The U.S.?

March 18th, 2015

europeGeorge Leong: Regular readers of mine will know that I used to be bullish on China; I thought the Chinese economy offered a good contrarian investment opportunity. Now, I’m turning my sights to the eurozone for the top potential investment opportunity outside the U.S. Read more…


How The ECB Is Distorting Euro Money Markets

March 16th, 2015

europeTyler Durden: As we continue to pound the table about the effects central bank asset purchases are having on market liquidity, it’s nice to know that there are at least a handful of people out there who agree that maybe — just maybe — depriving the market Read more…


What Would A Greek Exit Really Mean For Global Markets?

February 19th, 2015

Greece’s Exit Raising Concerns For Eurozone Economy

February 11th, 2015

europeGeorge Leong: There is yet another Greek tragedy playing out across the Atlantic, where legendary poets, mathematicians, scientists, and thinkers once roamed. Fast-forward several thousand years and the country once known for its proud history Read more…


Across The Atlantic, Yellen Hasn’t Learned From History

February 2nd, 2015

europePeter Krauth: Last week, the European Central Bank’s turn finally came to announce large-scale quantitative easing. Read more…


Why European Euphoria Isn’t Likely To Last

January 30th, 2015

europeThe ECB took definitive action against deflation fears with a broad asset purchase program that impressed the markets. Here is a quick analysis of its impact on stocks and bonds beyond the short term. Read more…


ETFs To Buy On The ECB’s Money Printing Program

January 26th, 2015

europeGeorge Leong:  The money printing presses may be dry in the U.S., but they are just being inked up across the Atlantic in the eurozone, where they’re beginning to print easy money in the form of euros. While there are both pros and cons to this move, Read more…


Looking Ahead: What The ECB Might Do

January 20th, 2015

ecb euro printThe next European Central Bank policy setting meeting could bring about a new quantitative easing program. Would it be able to keep the eurozone from falling into a deflationary trap? Read more…


The Swiss Mess

January 20th, 2015

swiss francJon Markman: Global volatility shifted into overdrive Thursday following a surprise decision by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to scrap its minimum exchange rate. The development led to massive moves in foreign exchange markets and European equities Read more…


How The ECB’s QE Is About To Send The Most Deflationary Signal Ever

January 20th, 2015

europeTyler Durden: With every passing day, negative 10Y yields across the developed world’s bond market, and not just Switzerland, increasingly appear to be a question of when not if. Read more…


The Eurozone Is Running Out Of Options

January 15th, 2015

europeJim Bach: The euro is falling. And our 2015 euro forecast sees little changing over the next year – and for some time after. Read more…


Look For Bargains In The Eurozone

January 13th, 2015

europeLawrence Meyers:  Struggles in Europe provide opportunity, but choose carefully. Read more…


The ECB Will Be A Big Factor In 2015′s First Half

January 12th, 2015

europeSy Harding: The European Central Bank has provided assurances for months that it is ‘monitoring’ economic conditions in the 18-nation euro-zone, and will take aggressive stimulus measures ‘if necessary’. Read more…


Oil Crash Hits These European ETFs Hard

December 17th, 2014

europeCountries with heavy oil exposure have faced extremely rough trading in recent months as steep losses started to pile up in the space. This prime commodity has entered bear territory having slid more than 40% since June and touched the five-year low level. Read more…


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