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Here’s How Apple Avoids Paying $59.2 Billion in Taxes

July 29th, 2016

taxdodgeIt’s no secret that U.S. companies like Apple hide their cash stockpiles in overseas accounts to avoid domestic taxation, but as that amount grows, so should citizens’ fury over how they’re left to foot the bill that massive corporations aren’t paying their fair share of. Read more…


97 Reasons Why Americans Hate Taxes

April 12th, 2016

tax1At this time of the year, millions of Americans are rushing to file their taxes at the last minute, and we are once again reminded just how nightmarish our system of taxation has become.  I studied tax law when I was in law school, and it is one of the most mind-numbing areas of study that you could possibly imagine.  Read more…


More Evidence That The Middle Class In America Is Dying

October 21st, 2015

economyWe just got more evidence that the middle class in America is dying.  According to brand new numbers that were just released by the Social Security Administration, 51 percent of all workers in the United States make less than $30,000 a year.  Read more…


Barack Obama Says That What America Really Needs Is Lots More Debt

February 3rd, 2015

debtWhen it comes to taking a chainsaw to the future of America, nobody seems more eager than Barack Obama.  Despite the fact that the U.S. national debt is on pace to approximately double during his eight years in the White House, he has just proposed Read more…


How I Avoid Paying Taxes

December 24th, 2014

taxAnybody who knows me knows my kids. I’m one of those guys. Stand beside me for too long and I’m bound to tell you what they’re up to and show you some pictures. Not only are they at the center of my life… they’re a heck of a way to slash my taxes. At The Oxford Club (the publisher behind Investment U), we believe one of the most important Read more…


Dependence On The Government Is Out Of Control In America

November 19th, 2014

economyIf you could stay home and watch television, play video games and hang out with your friends all day at government expense, would you do it?  Of course most Americans that collect money from the government each month are not abusing the system.  Read more…


Obamacare = A Death Panel For The U.S. Economy

November 16th, 2014

healthcare1Did you know that some Americans are being hit with health insurance rate increases of more than 500 percent?  Taking advantage of “the stupidity of the American voter”, the Democrats succeeded in ramming through Read more…


Janet Yellen Is Wrong About The Cause Of Wealth Inequality

October 18th, 2014

Janet YellenSy Harding: Fed Chair Janet Yellen said in a speech on the subject on Friday, that she is “greatly concerned by the extent, and continuing increase, of wealth inequality in the United States.”, noting the “significant Read more…


15 Signs The Middle Class Is Dying

June 5th, 2014

middle classIf you make more than $27,520 a year at your job, you are doing better than half the country is.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can check out the latest wage statistics from the Social Security administration right hereRead more…


America Was Much Better Off Before The Income Tax

April 14th, 2013

recession governmentDid you know that the greatest period of economic growth in American history was during a time when there was absolutely no federal income tax?  Between the end of the Civil War and 1913, there was an explosion Read more…


The Federal Reserve System Is A Massive Wealth Redistribution Scheme

March 14th, 2013

Federal reserveDuring fiscal year 2012, $359,796,008,919.49 that had been forcibly extracted from American taxpayers was transferred into other hands.  Most of it ended up in the pockets of the global elite.  So what did the American people get in return for that 359 billion dollars?  Nothing at all.  No roads were built, Read more…


16 Signs That The Middle Class Is Running Out Of Money

February 28th, 2013

economyIs “discretionary income” rapidly becoming a thing of the past for most American families?  Right now, there are a lot of signs that we are on the verge of a nightmarish consumer spending drought.  Incomes are down, taxes are up, many large retail chains are deeply struggling because of the lack of customers, Read more…


Do You Believe It’s Time To Abolish The Income Tax?

February 18th, 2013

tax1Michael Snyder: The federal income tax is a bad joke and it needs to be abolished.  All over the nation, hard working American families are being absolutely crushed by oppressive levels of taxation, and our politicians are constantly Read more…


Why Are Major Retail Chains All Over America Collapsing?

February 17th, 2013

retail etfMichael Snyder: If the economy is improving, then why are many of the largest retail chains in America closing hundreds of stores?  When I was growing up, Sears (NASDAQ:SHLD), J.C. Penney (NYSE:JCP), Best Buy Read more…


Debt Ceiling Crisis: Will Obama Just Create A Trillion Dollar Coin?

January 7th, 2013

Michael Snyder: If Barack Obama can “solve” the debt ceiling crisis by printing up some trillion dollar coins, then why does the federal government need our money?  As another debt ceiling showdown Read more…


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