Gerald Celente, Unwitting Gold Cartel Operative? (ZSL, SLV, GLD, AGQ, IAU, GDX)

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December 8, 2011 11:10am NYSE:AGQ NYSE:GDX

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: The gold cartel may get some desperately needed relief from the barbarians after all, as the bone shivering tale of Gerald Celente’s hit by the banking syndicate, which stripped him of his “six-figure” account, has gone viral within the gold community.

With the untold number of longs still frozen with MF Global’s designated trustee (coincidentally, a JP Morgan vendor) as well as the shocking site of Celente hanging upside down from a bridge with a bullet in his head, how many Celente wannabes will now become herded away in fear of the endgame prize? Get my next ALERT 100% FREE

“Now, after a decade in which official gold reserves shrank continuously – outpacing growth in exchange traded funds nearly twofold – there may be a change in the air,” according to the London’s Financial  Times Nov. 17 edition (free subscription required).  “Central  banks made the largest purchases of gold in decades in the past quarter, says the World Gold Council.

And what a fortuitous turn of events for the Fed, too, as Moe Green, played  by Jon Cozine, takes a bullet to the foot for Washington’s mob boss Bennie  Bernanke—who, amongst the confusion, clandestinely prepares the QE3 launch in an  effort to ward off the inevitable de facto force majeure of the U.S. debt market and the widely expected knee-jerk rise in the yellow metal that’s sure to come following an announcement from the Godfather, himself.

The technique of sacrificing one of its primary dealers to offer some needed R&R to JP Morgan’s Joseph P. Kennedy School of tape painters wreaks of another job well done in a series of sorties on the gold market planned to punish the golden bulls out of their positions and to affect another beautiful waterfall on the charts.

“Central bankers are late to the gold party,” FT continued.  “Private buyers of ETFs alone have accumulated 15 times as much since their advent a decade ago as governments bought last quarter. But their shift should be of far more concern.”

Not to worry, the U.S. will show the Englishmen again how to win a war, this time without French help.

Jamie ‘Dapper” Dimon, who works as a JP Morgan banker, according to leaked internal IRS documents, couldn’t be more pleased with the Celente hit.  In fact, Dapper D was so delighted that he decided to cover Johnnie Cs gambling debts for a job well done.

“MF Global Holdings Inc., the bankrupt futures brokerage, has located $658.8 million in customer funds in a custodial account at JP Morgan,” two people [why anonymous] told Bloomberg  News.

“The account contained a total of $2.2 billion as of Oct. 31, including both  the firm’s own money and customer funds, according to one of the people, who declined to be identified because the information is private,” Bloomberg News added, but neglected to add that ‘sources’ who are willing to breach fiduciary ethics may not turn out to be all that reliable <gasp>.

Though, it’s nice to see that a second American news source can now become the most recent inductee to the journalism hall of shame, whose recent inductees, Financial Times of London and CNBC, were honored for their Yeoman’s work of providing COINTEL pro-euro rumors for the syndicate during the height of the European crisis, which helped buoy the euro long enough to install puppet  governments in Greece and Italy.

Moreover, with the recent installment of another Goldman Sachs alumnus, Mario Draghi, as ECB head capo during the touch-and-go, he’ll surely pump the paper  (as he did in Italy’s debt market, last week) to help the Fed out in a joint effort to coordinate the debauching of 78 percent of world’s central banks currency reserves, planned sometime soon.

But before the epic reflation can commence, all stops to hit the gold market must be pulled, including the added touch of screwing the most vocal gold bug,  Gerald Celente, the latest live case of a variation of the gangster government’s implementation of the Milgram experiment to the gold market.

The controversial experiment, first performed at Yale University during the 1960s, demonstrated that, for the most part, people are lemmings and will follow a leader irrespective of their personal believes, morals or standards.  If a leader says to get out of the gold futures market, many will follow.  Since the U.S. is legendary for its CIA tactics across the globe, is there little doubt that a hit job on the largest commodities futures trading firm could have been waged?  Oh those tin-foil hats  again.

“They [the Fed] are going to have to introduce some financial repression tactics, which just means they will do some money printing,” Hinde Capital CEO  Ben Davies told King  World News in a Nov. 20 interview.  “Now if that happens I cannot be short risk assets, I cannot be short silver and I cannot be short gold.”

Hang onto your gold.  These guys play rough.

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