KWN Cyber Attacked Following Gold Market’s Deep Interview; The Secrets Of The Temple Revealed

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April 18, 2012 10:24am NYSE:AGQ NYSE:GLD

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: King World News is under a vicious ‘distributed denial of service’ cyber attack once again, according to The attack on Friday of KWN’s servers is the latest of several previous attempts to disrupt Eric King’s broadcast of interviews that expose to the public the extent

of the JP Morgan precious metals manipulation scheme—a scheme in full progress, yet still not resolved by the CFTC after two-plus years of the watchdog’s ‘review’ of the evidence. 

Friday’s attack is believed to have been prompted by proprietary trading data offered up by KWN’s Anonymous London trader regarding a large “Asian buyer” and this buyer’s trading patterns.  It now appears that, according to Anonymous, this large buyer has successfully ‘cracked the code’ of JP Morgan’s equally-large client’s algorithm used to achieve optimum and cost-effective price-suppression tactics in the gold and silver market.  The motive for such a criminal act is obvious to international financiers: capping the gold price lends support to the US dollar. Get my next ALERT 100% FREE

“Interestingly, the Asian buyers have figured out the algorithms, like breaking an enemy’s code in war, and they are using the algorithmic trading to get the best prices each day for physical gold at these levels,” Anonymous told KWN in the interview that apparently prompted the attack. “The trading is just taking place at lower levels because these bullion banks and the Fed, which manage the price of gold, get overzealous in their price fixing.”

Beginning with the GATA roundtable discussion in March 2010 regarding a vital and material witness to the scheme, Andrew Maguire, and the suspicious mob-like hit-and-run incident that threatened the lives of Maguire and his female companion shortly after Maguire’s shocking announcement of his meeting with the CFTC about the JP Morgan scheme, some person or organized cyber cabal has periodically attacked King’s servers following key interviews with experts providing play-by-play commentary of the ongoing financial crimes committed by the beleaguered Fed and its primary dealer network.

GATA’s decade-long work has demonstrated how the precious metals manipulation scheme works in impressive detail, but prosecution of the case requires a witness to the fact alleged by GATA; that witness is Andrew Maguire.

Two years later, the attacks started again—and the subject of manipulation discussed by one of the world’s leading experts of the gold market, Jim Sinclair of, as well as Anonymous’ witness to the “Asian buyer’s” entry into the fray, was again the catalyst for the DDoS barrage.

“The attacks started when the London trader interview piece was released April 5,” King told GATA, Friday.  “The attacks continued and intensified when our interview with Jim Sinclair’s futures market analyst, Dan Norcini, was published on April 11.  A very powerful entity did not want this information out there.” Emphasis added.

Due to privacy laws on both sides of the trade, JP Morgan’s large naked short sell-side client can’t be revealed, and the buyer’s identity can’t be disclosed either.  But the overwhelming suspicion by the gold market’s premiere experts as to whom JP Morgan’s big naked short-seller is points to the NY Fed.

Consultant to the Department of Defense Jim Rickards in his interview with TruNews Radio of Apr. 11, explains the grossly unappreciated role gold plays in geopolitics between the US and the biggest Asian buyer of the precious metal, gold: China.  But Rickards stops short at the time of the punch line.

“So Russia, China, Brazil, the other BRICS countries that you mentioned have very large dollar holdings,” Rickards told TruNews’ Rick Wiles.  “So they’re watching their savings account in effect evaporate or melt as we cheapen the dollar, so they’re looking for alternatives.  One of them is gold, but gold is very difficult to find and when you start buying it you tend to drive the price up.  So if you want to buy a lot you’re going to be paying higher and higher prices.” Emphasis added.

Precisely.  China needs a counterparty to provide ‘dig up’ the gold—the weak hands.

What Rickards neglects to add in the interview with TruNews is that, for China to offer an alternative to the dollar in a new reserve currency scheme endgame, it will have to match the US’s alleged 8,150 tons and the Europe’s verified 10,000 tons of European gold to earn a seat at the BIS table.  Why else would there be a reason for a meeting in the first place?

Is it any wonder why the Germans refused to back the EFSF with German gold?  It also explains why the US and now, Germany, have no interest in auditing their respective gold holdings.  Military capabilities, oil reserves and gold holdings are secrets necessary for national security.  How much gold does China really have?  No one knows.  All mined gold within China’s borders and procured directly by the PboC are not necessarily accounted for in official disclosures.  The same can be said of Singapore and other ‘money center’ jurisdictions.

Moreover, if China’s “savings” are dominated with and denominated in dollars and euros, what would give China the upper hand in the negotiations to have the renminbi included in a new gold-backed SDR?  A collapsed dollar and euro won’t include trade surpluses anytime soon for China with a heavily weighted trade component to its GDP.  Therefore, it’s fiat currency reserves won’t mean much now that the jig is up for the dollar, and by extension the euro, of which, together represent approximately 88 percent of global paper reserves.

Therefore, Beijing needs to replace as much of its dollar holdings to gold holdings while the dollar remains a viable trading currency.  And Beijing has the patience to play the other side of the Blythe Masters gold giveaway trade.  Beijing has no plans to trash the dollar at this time unless it wants to use it as a weapon in the geopolitics of Iran—which incidentally would like to receive gold for its oil if push comes to shove in its maneuver to counter a SWIFT blockade.  Russia’s military approves of Iran’s decision.

No one is trying to run down Jim Rickards in the street.  And that’s why the Anonymous’ play-by-play of the real war has the NY Fed frantic.  Is it a coincidence that Blythe Masters has suddenly begun to make appearances on financial television to ‘explain’ JP Morgan’s position on the matter of manipulation.  And who else has the clout to impede a CFTC determination of whether the gold and silver market have been, and are, manipulated?

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