Building A Better Monetary System: Part II

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June 6, 2013 2:42pm NYSE:GLD NYSE:SLV

government americaJeff Nielson: In Part I; readers received most of the brutal truth about the rapidly deteriorating and nearly hopeless situations facing the major economies of the Western world. Our nations are all either bankrupt or insolvent, and ruled by corrupt

governments who long ago stopped serving the interests of their own people.

Worse still, from past experience (i.e. their own corrupt mismanagement) we have seen that most of the dominant Opposition parties in these regimes have also been bought-off. So in most major Western regimes, our “elections” are now little more than exercises in shuffling the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

There is zero possibility of our “leaders” ever initiating any positive reforms on their own. The only new policy they have attempted (since the crisis they created) was so-called Austerity. With all Western economies suffering from the worst revenue crisis in history; we have all of these myopic, Traitor governments doing nothing but hacking-and-slashing spending (on people).

As I immediately explained in my own writing; this was deliberate economic suicide. It was the equivalent of a doctor “prescribing” a diet for a patient already suffering from severe anorexia. As with putting an anorexic on a diet; all this economic suicide accomplished was to escalate the collapse of these economies. And as I predicted, all of these economies are in the process of abandoning Austerity.

This means that the only remaining “plan” from our Traitor governments is more of the same. Exactly what created all of our fiscal/economic problems: ever-increasing printing and borrowing. Meanwhile these (bankrupt) governments refuse to even attempt to increase revenues; because the only entities with substantial quantities of taxable wealth are their Masters: the monopolies, oligopolies, and ultra-wealthy Oligarchs who lurk behind them.

At the same time; our revenue-starved governments are handing out more-and-larger corporate subsidies than at any time in history – while these corporations sit with more cash than at any time in history, and brag about their profit-margins. There is no longer even an attempt to hide this corrupt double-standard. “Austerity” for the people; more-and-bigger hand-outs for the monopolies and oligopolies.

And nowhere is the corruption worse than in our financial sector; realm of the Western financial Mafia. Their largest single “business” (by dollar value) is laundering dirty money for the world’s drug cartels, terrorists, and any other criminals with large piles of cash. These Big Banks are caught in this money-laundering now on virtually a weekly basis; mostly originating from the Wall Street cabal. Not only is this crime syndicate never punished for its crimes; the U.S. Attorney General has publicly declared he will cover-up all their illegal acts.

While money-laundering may be the biggest, single money-maker for the banksters; their principal activity is manipulating markets. This is done primarily through two, entirely illegal endeavours: influencing markets with gigantic, paper bets in the (hidden/unregulated) shadow-markets of their derivatives casino; and via simply rigging markets with the Pied Piper software known as trading algorithms.

Thanks to “high-frequency trading”; manipulating markets has become significantly easier than shooting fish in a barrel. There is no longer anything either “free” or “open” about our corrupt markets, they are merely crime scenes.

We now have our parameters:

1) Total economic predation/parasitism from the monopolies and oligopolies which now saturate virtually every niche of the global economy.

2) Absolute political corruption, with no hope of legitimate government over the short term.

3) Completely corrupt markets, which are no longer “functional” in terms of the primary purpose of all markets: to regulate supply and demand by facilitating open commerce. “Price” is no longer the product of supply and demand; but rather it is the result of a crime.

How can positive change be made in such an utterly hopeless context? The populations of Western societies must revert from being Serfs, and remember how to act like Citizens.

We can no longer passively vote for these corrupt Liars, all promising to “do the right thing” – and then naively hope they will initiate positive reform on their own. This is just more insanity; repeating what we have been doing for a generation, but hoping this time we will get a better result.

Instead we must act like Citizens and tell our elected representatives what they must do. This means doing something to which we are totally unaccustomed as Serfs: thinking. We must figure out how to dig ourselves out of an economic catastrophe created by our own apathy. It will not be solved with more apathy.

This means not only understanding the problems facing us (which is hopefully now clearer to readers); but we must also properly understand the solution(s). It is time for Bottom-Up Government, or in other words real democracy.

The people tell their representatives what to do – and then these Servants of the People do as they are told. For generations, arrogant Western residents have lectured the world about their shining “democracies.” After all those years of talking-the-talk; it’s time for us to collectively walk-the-walk.

Clearly part of acting like democracies involves restoring a principle which has totally disappeared in the moral decline of our cesspool-governments: accountability. The first baby-step in restoring “accountability” to our societies is punishing white-collar crime (in general), and white-collar crime in the financial sector, in particular.

By dollar-value; more than 90% of all crime is now white-collar crime – yet the White-Collar criminals in Western societies have never been more lightly punished (when they are even punished at all). While Western Serfs have all forgotten their history; this is not how we have normally dealt with financial crime.

Indeed through much of history financial crimes were punished more harshly than other forms of crime. In fact, “capital punishment” was frequently handed out for financial crime – especially those relating to currency.

How many Western bankers would have to be executed to bring integrity back to our monetary and financial system? There’s only one way to find out. Then again; maybe we already have our illustrative example: China? The world’s most-prosperous economy does execute financial criminals; and even has its own “white-collar Death Row”.

The bankers tried “QE”, and it failed, and we’re in worse shape than ever. They tried Austerity. It failed, and we’re in worse shape than ever.

Meanwhile, all we keep seeing is more and more and more and more Western financial crime – on a scale a hundred times worse than any other time in history. There could never be a more compelling/legitimate context for capital punishment for white-collar crime.

Corruption, apathy, and government-by-crime-syndicate must be replaced with the Will of the People. Hopefully we are now two-thirds of the way toward building a better monetary system.

We understand the mammoth problems facing us, and the entirely corrupt system within which we must seek to make reforms. We understand that given such parameters that we must take responsibility for our own government(s) – i.e. function in a truly democratic manner.

In Part III, readers will hopefully be ready to embrace the the steps necessary to restore economic viability (and integrity) to our economies and societies.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Jeff Nielson From Bullion Bulls Canada.

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