Comex Gold Warehouses Filling Up…With Paper [SPDR Gold Trust (ETF), iShares Silver Trust (ETF)]

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August 29, 2014 1:04pm NYSE:GLD NYSE:SLV

record gold holdingsJeff Nielson: Willing or unwilling; we all now dwell in the fantasy-realm previously dubbed “the Wonderland Matrix”. For the small minority who still retain mental awareness; this all-encompassing illusion of propaganda is like a thick fog

which blankets reality. However, for the legions of brainwashed drones in our societies, the Wonderland Matrix is reality.

Nowhere is this blanket of fog thicker than in the precious metals sector. Here perversity is a way of life, as the genesis of the Wonderland Matrix began with the fantasy-world constructed here by the propaganda of the Corporate media.

As must inevitably occur with such serial perversion (i.e. consistently reporting the precise opposite of reality), these perverse lies soon begin to contradict each other. We see a glaring example of this by simply viewing the Corporate media’s “perversion (2014 version)” versus its “perversion (2013 version)”.

The insanity of last year began shortly after the Cyprus Steal, when a corrupt Western government rubber-stamped the first “bail in”. This, in turn, opened the floodgates to the unlimited confiscation (i.e. theft) of paper assets by our corrupt governments, as these puppet-leaders mumbled in unison about how this (act of theft) was now a “precedent”.

With this lawless seizure of peoples’ bank accounts being characterized (by puppet-politician and media drone alike) as a “precedent” rather than a crime; this sparked a stampede of panic out of one of the most-fraudulent forms of paper assets: the banksters’ paper-called-gold “funds”.

As every knowledgeable investor in this sector knows; the entire “gold market” itself (i.e. the paper-fraud market operated by the One Bank) is 99% paper and 1% gold. This was blurted out in open testimony to the CFTC by former Goldman Sachs banker, Jeffrey Christian. The exception to this are the bullion banks’ paper-called-gold “funds” which are simply 100% paper.

Thus when vast quantities of this paper was liquidated in the Stampede of ’13, it dragged down the official “gold price” with it. This caused demand for physical bullion (real gold) to spike to historically unprecedented levels. Yet the propagandists of the corporate media characterized this spike in demand to all-time record levels as a “12% drop in demand”.

Why? Because these serial liars totally ignored what was happening in the real gold market, and only reported on the bankers’ paper-called-gold – the 99% fraud which the bankers call “the gold market”. Now flash ahead to 2014.

With demand for (real) gold last year in the (real) world having hit an all-time record, but with the price remaining essentially flat this year, physical demand has cooled in 2014 from those torrid levels – in part due to the artificial suppression of gold demand in India. Meanwhile, holdings in the bankers’ paper-called-gold has recovered somewhat from last year’s unprecedented collapse, primarily due to the bankers being forced to soak-up countless millions of units of these paper-frauds themselves.

But what do we see in the reporting from the Corporate media this year? We see the propagandists ignoring (rising) “demand” in the paper-called-gold market (the 99%), and focusing their reporting exclusively on the (falling) sales in the physical gold market (the 1%).

As always; the best place to go for unadulterated propaganda in the gold market is Basher Central, otherwise known as Kitco. Its recent reporting begins thusly:

Light physical demand has been a common theme in the gold market for the past few months…

This itself is a perversion, as what Kitco calls “light physical demand” is a drop from all-time record demand. It’s like a dweller of the Sahara desert calling it “a cool day outside” – because the temperature is only 90 degrees (Fahrenheit). The perversity then continues:

We still feel that gold is looking a little shaky in the short to medium term and without a major influx of physical demand or geopolitical flare-ups, gold should continue to track lower.”[emphasis mine]

There are almost too many perverse contradictions in that one sentence to keep track of all of them. To begin with; last year we had all-time record “physical demand” – yet the price fell 30% because of the collapse of the paper-called-gold market (the 99%). Yet here we have some suit-stuffer calling himself a “gold analyst”, spewing the perverse nonsense that the 1% (the physical market) can drag the 99% (the paper-called-gold market) along behind it.

We see this perversity further reinforced by the fact that this year we have seen constant/endless“geopolitical flare-ups”, with three, separate, highly-volatile civil wars/revolutions (and one act-of-genocide) constantly featured in the propaganda of the mainstream media — yet the price of gold has still not budged. Thus in that one sentence alone; we receive confirmation that these so-called “gold analysts” are merely clumsy liars, and that the “gold market” itself is simply a massive fraud.

It was at least rational that the price of gold fell last year (despite record, physical demand), due to the collapse in holdings in the (totally dominant) paper-called-market. However, not only do (legitimate) markets tend to automatically bounce-back from such “corrections”, but we have had the further, powerful driver of constant “geopolitical flare-ups” (and rising holdings in paper-called-gold) which even the Liars themselves acknowledge should be pushing this market steadily higher.

Yet in order to fabricate pretend-reasons why the gold market is not rallying sharply in 2014; we have the liars totally ignoring the paper-called-gold market (the 99%), and now focusing entirely on the physical market (the 1%). The is not merely totally irrational, it is perversely irrational – as it is precisely the opposite of what these same Liars did in their reporting on the gold market last year.

Heads I win; tails you lose.

If physical demand is rising, but demand for paper-called-gold is falling; the Liars only report on the paper market. If demand for paper-called-gold is rising, but demand for real gold is falling; we only see/hear reporting on the physical market. We get further perversity in the title to this compendium of lies from Kitco:

Comex Gold Warehouse Stocks Swell As Physical Demand Slumps

What is directly implied by this title is that the “gold” in Comex warehouses is actual, physical metal. Yet as was demonstrated conclusively in a commentary earlier this year via simple arithmetic, there cannot be even a single ounce of (available) gold in Comex warehouses.

As we have seen for many years in both the silver and gold markets; these fraudsters count the privately-held gold in the bankers’ paper-called-gold funds as public “inventories” – on an ounce-for-ounce basis. Yet with holdings in just one of these fraud-funds (GLD) exceeding 25 million ounces, Comex warehouses claim to be holding a mere 10 million ounces of “gold”, in total.

On the basis of holdings in just one of the banksters’ fraud-funds; actual Comex “inventories” must be somewhere in excess of -15 million ounces of gold at the moment. So what is actually “swelling” in these fraudulent warehouses (other than the lies of the media)? Obviously it’s nothing but stacks of paper.

Any actual gold displayed in photo-ops to create the illusion that these warehouses contain anything other than stacks of paper is merely gold which has been (unknowingly) “borrowed” from its rightful owner(s) – and, in fact, most of the ounces of gold held (and showcased) by these fraudulent bullion banks undoubtedly have dozens of (supposed) “owners”.

This is nothing more than simple arithmetic. Obviously any “commodity market” which is 100 times larger than the actual dollar-value of the commodity itself can only exist via (absurd, fraudulent) leverage – selling that same unit of commodity (whether “ounce” or “barrel” or “bushel”) over and over and over again to different, supposed “owners”.

This reality simplifies matters for us when translating the propaganda/lies from the Corporate media in the gold (and silver) sector. Any (and every) claim of “rising inventories” in Comex warehouses means nothing more than that these criminals have increased their absurd, illegal, fraudulent leverage in this “market” even further.

Conversely, since these criminals can (obviously) manufacture this paper in infinite quantities; any and every time we see reports of a sudden plunge in these fraudulent “inventories, it must mean that the banksters are experiencing another crisis in their fraudulent manipulation of this sector – which, almost always, is self-created.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Jeff Nielson From Bullion Bulls Canada.

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