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Mutual Fund Doomsday Clock(TM) Launched

doomsdayThe mutual fund is under duress and fund executives and their marketers need to take steps now to prop it up, that according to a recently released white paper, How to Save the Mutual Fund (Before It's Too Late), authored by Dave Swanson, Founder and Managing Principal of SwanDog Strategic Marketing. In the paper, Swanson lauds the mutual fund as the financial industry's "Grand Dame" over the past 20 years, but notes that "the old broad" is now 85 years old and in need of an extreme makeover to keep it viable.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 5, 2009 8:04am

ETF Investors Buy in May

mayETF investors seemingly ignored the old stock market adage: "Sell in May and go away." In fact, the ETF industry posted its best month of the year, in terms of net inflows, attracting more than $14 billion in new assets during the month. For some context, this compares with May 2008 net ETF inflows of about $3.3 billion. Leveraged and inverse ETFs accounted for about 11% of the month's net inflows, versus 27% last month. The impressive inflows of the past month helped push the industry's year-to-date total net inflows to more than $20.5 billion. With the markets showing resiliency in holding on to gains from its recent rally, we're seeing investors start to regain their appetites for risk. A sign that optimism about the economy is growing can be seen in the bond markets; the yield on the 10-year Treasury note is now at its highest level since November, rising almost a complete percentage point since the end of April. 
NYSE:EEM June 5, 2009 7:39am

How An ETF Can Make You 20 to 30 Times Your Money on the Coming Inflation

inflationHedge fund legend Julian Robertson is betting the farm against long-dated US Treasurys. As Notes readers will be aware, we have been banging the drum on the vulnerability of long-dated US debt for over a month now. But Robertson, of Tiger Management fame, has a different way to make this short long-term Treasurys play (hat tip Market Folly). Robertson is shorting long-dated US debt using something called a steepener swap play. Although the mechanism of this trade may be unfamiliar, at heart it’s a simple bet on inflation.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 5, 2009 7:24am

Winning Oil Services Stocks (ETF-OIH)

oildrumLet's be honest, as drivers and consumers, we hate hearing news that the price of oil is rising. Higher crude prices mean high gas prices and a little more of a pinch every time we head to the local gas station. Fortunately, there is a way to ease the sting of higher gas prices and even profit from them. Oil services stocks are deeply tied to the price of oil when it comes to stock performance, and since the price of oil is on the rise, now may be the time to take a look at this sector. And don't worry if you don't want to individually own all of the names mentioned in the following article, because there's an ETF for you. The Oil Services HOLDRs ETF (AMEX: OIH) holds all of the names we're going to highlight, and many more. Its chart since the beginning of March is a thing of beauty, as the S&P 500 is up 30% since March 2, and the OIH is up over 60%.
NYSE:OIH June 4, 2009 11:46am

Will The ‘New Dow’ Shatter The 200-Day Moving Average? (ETF-DIA)

dow-jonesFor the first time in over a year, the Dow is actually challenging the 200-day moving average. Adding two new components to the Dow may provide the boost needed to break above this significant trend line. Would such a break, however, mean that the worst is over, or is another collapse still possible?  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does; it’s kind of a big deal – changes to the Dow Jones (NYSEArca: DIA). Those changes, however, are becoming more frequent. On September 22, 2009, Kraft Foods (NYSE: KFT) replaced American International Group (NYSE: AIG). Ever since then, the Dow has been underweighted in financials. The reduced financial exposure explains why the Dow has performaned better than the S&P 500 (NYSEArca: SPY), over the past year or so. The Financial Select Sector SPDRs (NYSEArca: XLF) were the worst performing sector, up until the rally from the March lows.
NASDAQ:QQQQ June 4, 2009 11:21am

If you wait for a 10% pullback to buy QQQQ Etf, you’ll never get your chance to buy.

NASDAQ:QQQ June 4, 2009 10:57am

Playing a Rebound in Domestic Discretionary Spending with ETFs

shoppingEven with the recent gains in stocks, we think investors seeing green shoots have two solid options to enhance exposure to a broad-based recovery in consumer names. Both the  Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF (VCR) and  Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR (XLY) represent sound satellite holdings that trade at modest discounts to our fair value estimates. The majority of the underlying companies in these funds rely on discretionary spending and are well-positioned to pick up market share and emerge from the downturn relatively stronger than their competitors. In addition, both funds offer low costs and fine liquidity. Despite the compelling characteristics of these ETFs, we would wait for pullback in prices to get to more-compelling valuation levels. After all, the recent rally may turn out to be a head fake and the recovery could be more muted than what is implied by the underlying share prices, in aggregate.
NYSE:VCR June 4, 2009 10:36am

How To Profit From Soaring Food Prices With ETFs

food-pricesGlobal food prices are climbing higher along with energy and precious metals. In May, the Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index, which tracks 19 raw materials including corn, crude oil, and gold, surged by 14 percent — its biggest monthly gain since 1974! What's behind this move? Simple: The U.S. government's massive spending is killing the dollar and setting off inflation. At the same time, China's massive economy is still growing like crazy. And the insatiable Chinese demand for all kinds of resources looks set to continue despite the global recession. In last week's Money and Markets column, I explained how you can trade gold with ETFs. Today we're going to look at the ways you can play the uptrend in agricultural products — without using futures or options.
NASDAQ:PAGG June 4, 2009 10:31am

ProShares Launches Four New Leveraged International ETFs

proshareslogoProFunds Group, the world’s largest manager of short and leveraged funds, announced today that it is launching four new ProShares ETFs, the first designed to seek twice the daily returns of indexes covering developed foreign markets, emerging markets, China and Japan. The new ETFs will be listed on NYSE Arca today.
"With some international markets posting strong year-to-date returns, investors are expressing interest in tools that allow them to gain magnified exposure to these markets," said Michael L. Sapir, ProFunds Group Chairman and CEO. "These new ETFs complement our existing ETFs that are designed to provide short (or inverse) exposure to the same international indexes. Over the coming weeks, we plan to further expand our international offerings with ETFs covering more regions and specific countries."
NYSE:EET June 4, 2009 10:18am

Peru ETF to Start Trading This Month

peruJune 3 (Bloomberg) -- Peru’s first Exchange Traded Fund will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange by the “middle of June,” said the chief executive officer of Global X Management Company LLC, a New York-based asset manager. “The stock market has risen a lot, investors are bullish, and that’s helping us,” Bruno del Ama, the New York-based CEO of Global X, said in a phone interview. “We’re giving access to the Peruvian market and in the future people can go short in Peru, which is an option that doesn’t exist today.”
ETF BASIC NEWS June 4, 2009 9:48am

ETFs, Leverage and Strangles

etf-newsI was surprised by the volume of the feedback I received from last week’s Using Options to Control Risk in Leveraged ETFs. Clearly there is a great deal of interest in options and leveraged ETFs. Among the emails I received were several questions about strategies associated with ETFs. For the record, my intent here is not to advocate a particular strategy, but merely to illuminate various strategic building blocks that I believe should be part of the trading arsenal of any options trader. With that out of the way, let me spend a minute talking about strangles. I realize I have not talked about strangles as much as straddles here, but I actually prefer to trade strangles instead of straddles when I am selling options. Whereas, the point of maximum profit for a straddle is a point that often resembles a Sisyphean lottery, strangles have a maximum profit zone that is much wider and easier to manage.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 4, 2009 9:44am

ETF Securities silver, palladium holdings hit record

silverLONDON, June 4 (Reuters) - ETF Securities said on Thursday the amount of metal it holds to back its silver exchange-traded commodity rose to a record 20.064 million ounces on June 3, while its palladium holdings also hit an all-time high.   ETFS Physical Silver (PHAG.L) has added 2.3 million ounces or 12.7 percent to its holdings in the last month, according to data released by the company. Full Story:
ETF BASIC NEWS June 4, 2009 9:42am

New platform brings ETFs to Sweden

sweedenThe first website exclusively offering ETFs in Sweden has gone live this week. ETF Sverige,  in collaboration with Etrade, will offer Swedish investors around 1100 exchange traded funds mainly from Europe and the US as well as commodity and futures index products from different providers including Eshares, Lyxor and Dbxtrackers. Website: Full Story:
ETF BASIC NEWS June 4, 2009 9:35am

Avoid These 5 Major Mistakes with ETF Options

study1ETF options give you so many ways to profit from the significant movements in the major sectors, and yet the leverage of options can be a double-edged sword for those who know "just enough to be dangerous."  Let's examine the 5 biggest mistakes I see traders making when it comes to trading options on ETFs, and how you can see these blind spots to improve your own trading prowess.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 4, 2009 9:08am

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