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The Case for Asian ETFs, expected to be worth up to $2 trillion globally by 2011

ETF BASIC NEWS June 8, 2009 8:48am

Myth Busting – Gold, Deflation and Hyperinflation (ETF: GLD)

mythbustersThere are a lot of myths and “old wives’ tales” out there about Gold and the frequently accompanying topics of inflation and deflation. In no particular order, I’d like to debunk three big ones with facts rather than universally accepted catch-phrases that prey on lazy investors and speculators. 1. “Dollar down, Gold up” or “Dollar up, Gold down” Yes, this is often true, but it’s a far from perfect correlation. The US Dollar and Gold are two different currencies traded on exchanges around the world. Because the Gold price is denominated in US Dollars, it is generally assumed that when the US Dollar goes down in price that Gold must go up in price. There is certainly a correlation here, to be sure. But even recent history shows it’s a dangerous game to play if you’re a speculator or intermediate-term investor.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 8, 2009 8:30am

ETFs’ Troubled Cousins Bid For New Investors

etnBackers of exchange-traded notes are hoping financial markets settle down enough for investors to see the investment's advantages rather than just its credit-related risks. Before the credit crunch, ETNs were sometimes lumped with their more popular cousins, exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. Although structured differently, both generally follow indexes and trade on exchanges like stocks.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 8, 2009 8:20am

What’s Killing The U.S. Dollar And It’s Impact On Income Investors And Markets (SDS, SKF, QID, SRS, TWM, DUG)

killing-dollarWhile recent news on the US economy, especially the non-farms payroll data, as been positive (OK, more like less negative than expected), in the past weeks, a number of powerful long term market trends have continued in currency and commodities markets and should continue over the coming months, albeit with the usual short term counter moves. In sum, these include:
  • The weakening dollar against all major currencies.
  • The ensuing up trend in commodity prices (commodities are priced in USD) and their related currencies, the CAD and AUD against other major currencies.
However, we remain skeptical that the multi-month rally in equity markets will endure. Thus we do not recommend new long positions in them, and await shorting opportunities.
NYSE:DUG June 7, 2009 8:16pm

Bright Future Tipped For ETF Sector

bright-future Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will come under the spotlight this year as investors eye the product for greater diversity and lower costs. iShares, a unit of UK-based bank Barclays, which issued more than 31 ETFs over the past several years, said assets of mutual funds related to ETFs could go up to US$2 trillion (HK$15.6 trillion) globally by 2011, with Asia being the major growth area. "2008 was the fastest growing year for the ETF market," Jane Leung, senior director of product, iShares Asia ex- Japan, told The Standard.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 7, 2009 7:56pm

Financial Markets React to Growing Signs of Economic Recovery (PIN, TAN, KOL, USL, RWM, QQQ, DOG)

recoveryUps and downs on financial markets were plentiful during the past week, but investor sentiment, on balance, brightened on the back of constructive financial and economic data - capped by a better-than-expected US non-farm payrolls report on Friday. “It appears that the global economy has finally found the ripcord,” said Rebecca Wilder (News N Economics) in her weekly review of global economic reports. “The global economic reports are becoming saturated with signs of forming a bottom. Auto sales in Japan and the US are improving somewhat; exports are dangling in the double-digit loss rates; and GDP really couldn’t get much worse (the inventory cycle alone will create some growth). Finally, money growth rates are slowing, perhaps an indication that policymakers feel that the worst is behind us,” she commented. 
NASDAQ:QQQ June 7, 2009 11:28am

Why Gold & Silver ETFs Are Illusory

illusionaryThis article focuses on the reality of ETF gold and silver with no bone to pick. That makes it required reading for all of us involved in the metals markets. Further, it is published by a Financial Times sponsored entity, which is another positive. Will a ‘Silver Bullet’ Finally Kill the Metal Manipulators? In my previous commentary, “Silver market fundamentals DISTORTED by bullion-ETFs", I pointed out how (so-called) “bullion-ETFs" were (with rare exceptions) merely a tool of the manipulators – with two primary purposes. 
ETF BASIC NEWS June 7, 2009 11:00am

ETFs Signal Economy Bottom (TYO, TMV)

recessionThe proliferation of ETFs has long been talked about and now there is basically an ETF for just about any investing situation you can think of.  The rise in popularity for managed ETFs has now opened the door for managers to make the ridiculous now possible. Need to find an ETF that tracks Uzbekistan goat-herding clean bio-fuel companies? No problem, we’ll slap one together for you!    But the arms race in ETFs has seemed to have taken a new turn—anti-American sentiment.  There is no shortage of bad news surrounding the US economy and foreign governments have made no secret of the fact that they would LOVE to see the US lose its place at the head of the table and fall back to “equal footing” with their own economies. The call for a new world currency is just the beginning of this sentiment.  
NYSE:TMV June 6, 2009 12:23pm

Playing Renewable Energy With ETF’S (FAN, KWT, NLR, GEX)

renewable-energyChina, second only to the United States in terms of power consumption, announced this week that it will spend about 100 billion yuan ($14..6 billion) to more than double its wind power capacity by 2010 over last year. More than 200 billion yuan was allocated to energy saving and carbon reducing projects under China’s stimulus plans. That investment will take the country’s wind power capacity to 30,000 megawatts from the current 12,000 megawatts, according to the country’s deputy director of renewable energy. Further, China expects its investment in alternative and renewable energy sources to exceed 2 trillion yuan by 2020. 
NYSE:FAN June 6, 2009 11:46am

BlackRock Wins BGI Bidding War?

isharesMoney management giant BlackRock is close to announcing that it has won the bidding war for Barclays Global Investors, according to a report on the Web site of Pensions & Investments magazine...... ......Sources also told P&I that CVC Capital Partners, which originally agreed to pay $4.5 billion for BGI's iShares exchange-traded funds business, would get an opportunity to raise its original bid. The CVC deal had a window for BGI to shop itself unti June 18. A P&I source thought it was unlikely that CVC would be willing to top BlackRock's $10-billion plus offer for the combined BGI franchise. Full Story:
ETF BASIC NEWS June 6, 2009 8:57am

It’s Finally Time to Buy Small-Cap Value Index ETF’s's still not time to start buying small-cap banks. It may, however, be time to start looking hard at something a little off the beaten path: small-cap value. What's the difference? Small-cap value and small-cap banks often get conflated -- and for good reason. As Brian noted last year, the Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETF (VBR), like most small-cap value indexes, has substantial exposure to small banks. For the quarter ending March 31, small financial services companies accounted for 34% of VBR's holdings.
NYSE:VBR June 6, 2009 8:28am

ETFs to Short if You’re a Stock-Market Bull

ultrashort1The worst-performing exchange traded funds in May, which largely bet against commodities, might be good investments for short sellers who are bullish on the stock market. Of the 25 biggest losers, the first 24 use inverse strategies that cause them to gain value as their underlying index falls. The remaining fund tracks an index that measures bearishness. If the stock market rebounds significantly, a short position in these funds could generate big gains.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 5, 2009 10:43am

Real Estate Funds Jump on Housing Hopes

real-estateFor the five trading days ending June 4, the average real estate fund advanced 7.5%, excluding inverse funds that sell short the property market. The National Association of Realtors reported this week that April pending home sales jumped 6.7% as distressed sellers lowered prices to move foreclosed and pre-foreclosure properties. Residential construction even edged a bit higher, up 0.6%, as part of an overall construction increase of 0.8% partially due to the U.S. government's $787 billion fiscal stimulus package. The best-performing real estate fund this week is the LMP Real Estate Income Fund(RIT) building an 18% return. Top holdings saw gains of 33% in Glimcher Realty Trust(GRT), 26% in Macerich(MAC) and 22% in Extra Space Storage(EXR). Full Story:
ETF BASIC NEWS June 5, 2009 10:38am

Junk Bonds Back from the Dead (ETF-HYG)

ripJunk bonds have come back from the dead — and then some. Of all the asset classes, you’d think the market for debt from financially fragile companies wouldn’t fare well during a “credit crisis.” In fact, we’d suspect it would be one of the last asset classes to recover. But no, anything is possible in 2009… Check the chart of HYG, an ETF that tracks the “distressed debt” market. Full Story:
NYSE:HYG June 5, 2009 10:18am

5 Months, 5 Currency ETFs… Double Digit Percentage Gains!

currency1At last count, you could invest in 15 different currencies through 24 unique ETFs. The yen and the euro have more than their fair share of possibilities on investments like the Euro Currency Trust (FXE), the Ultra Euro ProShares (ULE) and the UltraShort Euro ProShares (EUO). Yet in the first 5 months of the year, the 5 currency ETFs with the highest returns seem to share several things in common. First, each represents a country that boasts higher interest rates than the yen or the U.S. dollar. Full Story:
ETF BASIC NEWS June 5, 2009 10:18am

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