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Your Guide to Trading Oil ETFs

oil4As of yet, there is no ETF that models the gold and silver ETFs by accumulating and storing oil. Instead, a mix of products offers unique ways of investing in the world's most important fuel through futures contracts. The major differences, aside from the ETF and ETN distinction (with their attendant tax and credit-risk drawbacks), are timing and how the underlying index deals with contango and its opposite -- backwardization. U.S. Oil(USO), for instance, rolls contracts each month, while PowerShares DB Oil(DBO) follows the Deutsche Bank(DB)Optimum Yield Index that opts for the best contract to minimize contango or maximize backwardization. There's also another product offered by MacroShares: $100 Oil Up(UOY) and $100 Oil Down(DOY). MacroShares are sold in pairs -- for every long oil share, there is a short oil share. All the money is placed into Treasuries and cash. Full Story:
NYSE:DBO June 4, 2009 8:52am

Water Infrastructure A Major Opportunity (ETF-CGW)

waterWater scarcity is rising up the agenda as a major social and economic issue affecting the worlds' poor. Risks to grain harvests are rising due to the fact that 2.8-billion people live in areas of high water stress. The opportunity for greater water efficiencies is enormous in the developed world too and so is the investment opportunity..... ......In the major cities of the world, a staggering amount of water is lost through transmission. In Paris, for example, more than 50% of water is reported to be lost through leakage in the pipes. In China, 60% of cities suffer water shortages and that problem will only grow as populations continue to urbanize. 
NYSE:CGW June 3, 2009 2:19pm

NSX Releases May 2009 ETF/ETN Data Report

exchange-traded-fundsNational Stock Exchange, Inc. (NSX(R)) announced that assets in U.S. listed Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) and Exchange-Traded Notes (ETN) totaled approximately $594.3 billion at May 2009 month-end, an increase of 10% over April 2009 month-end when assets totaled approximately $540.2 billion. At the end of May 2009, the number of listed products totaled 829, compared to 767 listed products one year ago. May 2009 net cash inflows from all ETFs/ETNs totaled approximately $17.1 billion. Year-to-date net cash inflows totaled approximately $29.8 billion, led by fixed income, commodity, and short U.S. equity based ETF products.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 3, 2009 2:07pm

V – L – U – What Shape Will The Recovery Be?

lightning-boltThere has been much talk about an economic recovery lately. Without analyzing WHETHER a recovery is even validated, the focus of attention has shifted to the actual shape of a recovery. Rather than getting caught up by wishful thinking, we actually bothered to take a look at the big picture. Sooner or later, the missing link in the above chain of reasoning will become painfully obvious..... Those who fail to learn from history… This bear market has often been compared to the 1972-1974, or 1980-1982 bear. The 80’s bear was fairly shallow with a 27% decline in the S&P 500 (NYSEArca: IVV). The 70’s bear did send the S&P 500 tumbling by 48%.  So far, the current bear market has melted the Dow Jones (top to bottom) 55%. This exceeds the 70’s and 80’s bear, and makes them unsuitable for comparison purposes.
NYSE:IVV June 3, 2009 12:18pm

Money Map Points To Brazilian ETF

brazilian-mapDespite a 46% gain since adding iShares MSCI Brazil (NYSE: EWZ) to his portfolio, global expert Keith Fitz-Gerald still sees upside potential. Here's the latest from Money Map Reporter. "History tells us that the best gains come to those who have the courage to buy undervalued companies in the face of extreme pessimism – and that sounds a lot like right now. So while we may not be at the very bottom, we are nonetheless pretty darn close.
NYSE:EWZ June 3, 2009 11:30am

Higher Oil Prices Already Impacting Inventories (USO, OIL)

oilThe D.O.E. has just released weekly data for Crude Oil, and the losses in weekly inventories appear to be a bit reversed this last week.  Crude inventories came in up 2.866 million barrels at 365.977 million.  This is significant, because we had estimates for black gold looking at a draw down of a further 1.5 million barrels after two solid week’s of prior draw-downs.   It is already impacting trading on the United States Oil ETF (NYSE: USO) and in the iPath S&P GSCI Crude Oil Total Return Index ETN (NYSE: OIL). Gasoline stocks may lag a bit, and these came in slightly down at -215,000 barrels to 203.2 million barrels.  Distillate inventories came in as a gain of 1.66 million barrels to 150.03 million barrels.
NYSE:OIL June 3, 2009 11:23am

Four ETFs On Fire Right Now (KOL, GDX, UGA, RSX)

fireLast month, the financials were the big winners; this month, it has been the commodities. So it should come of little surprise that some of the best performing ETFs over the past four weeks
NYSE:FCL June 3, 2009 11:19am

Could The US Lose It’s AAA Rating? Profit With These ETF’S

aaaAn investor buys an idea and waits for that idea to materialize. It might take minutes, hours, days, sometimes even years for that idea to materialize. The longer the time frame, the more likely the idea will materialize profitably, according to an recent article in May/June 2009 issue CFA Institute Magazine. After it cut its outlook on the United Kingdom’s triple-A credit rating to ‘negative’ from ’stable’, last week Standard & Poor’s raised worries that the United States could lose its "AAA" rating. On May 27, Moody’s Investors Service, another ratings agency, said the U.S. government’s AAA rating is stable despite the country’s swelling debt. But it did not completely rule out a downgrade.  
ETF BASIC NEWS June 3, 2009 11:14am

STOCKS NEWS US-Financial ETF Gets Put Ratio Spread

down-arrowThe September $9 put options in the Financial Select Sector SPDR exchange-traded fund (XLF.P) was the top favorite in the options market in morning trade. The ETF's shares fell 0.66 percent to $12.08. A total of 100,000 contracts traded in the September $9 strike along with 50,000 July $12 puts. The heavy volume appeared to be tied to a 1X2 ratio (diagonal) spread initiated by a buyer who purchased the July $12 strikes for a premium of 84 cents and sold the September $9 strikes for 35 cents and paid 14 cents for the trade, said option strategist Frederic Ruffy. It looked like opening trades in both contracts, he said. If so, the investor is expecting the XLF to go below $12 but not a big move beyond that by July expiration. Full Story:
NYSE:XLF June 3, 2009 10:52am

Old Mutual Gives Notice: Five ETFs On The Way

new1In early May, Old Mutual filed for approval from the SEC to launch its own exchange-traded funds through the Old Mutual Global Trust. Apparently that approval was granted, because just the other day the firm filed a registration statement for five ETFs, all of them tracking indexes provided by the FTSE Group. The list includes the following:
ETF BASIC NEWS June 3, 2009 10:37am

Where ETFs and Mutual Funds Collide

etf-newsAs the number of ETFs and ETF issuers grows at a breakneck pace and the focus of many products continues to narrow, it's a challenge to address methodology and liquidity when composing a portfolio. Simply comparing short-term performance among various ETF in any given sector often misses pitfalls such as liquidity and depth. Investors may find themselves paying up for a fast-moving ETF that looks good on paper but trades poorly in the open market. One response to these difficulties has been the emergence of several ETF mutual funds. While the transparency and low fees offered by ETFs have drawn some investors away from mutual funds, Paul Frank, who manages the ETF Market Opportunity Fund(ETFOX Quote), believes that the transparency of ETFs and the guidance of mutual funds can be combined effectively in a complex marketplace.
NYSE:TBT June 3, 2009 9:58am

‘Active’ ETFs: A Mixed Bag

mixed-bagOver the last several months, a number of actively-managed ETFs have been launched. These investment vehicles are essentially a hybrid of traditional mutual funds and ETFs, providing many of the benefits that have boosted the ETF industry (lower fees, greater transparency and flexibility, etc.), while implementing an active trading strategy in an attempt to outperform a market benchmark. While truly actively-managed ETFs (i.e., funds that permit managers discretion in trading) are a relatively new innovation, actively-managed ETFs have technically been around for some time, pioneered by PowerShares, which launched several funds in 2008. Not Quite Active, Not Quite Passive PowerShares' actively-managed ETFs are unlike traditional ETFs in that they do not attempt to track any type of benchmark. Rather, the composition of these funds is generally determined by a two-step process: 
NYSE:PQZ June 3, 2009 9:44am

Nine Basis Points With This ETF!

pimcoPimco's launch should be a big wake-up call to ETF investors. Has anyone noticed that Pimco, as of yesterday, is offering (now higher-yielding, lower-priced) short-term U.S. Treasuries at an expense ratio of 9 bps (0.09%)? Hougan notes that the new fund (NYSE Arca: TUZ) traded 300,000 shares on its first day, and I expect it'll be trading a lot more than that. Pimco's got BRAND in fixed income, and the forthcoming launch of six more ETFs (along with all sorts of other plans) indicates that it is just dipping its toes in the ETF market so far ... and is planning to jump into the pool in a big way (liquidity, transparency).
NYSE:TUZ June 3, 2009 9:34am

Think Your Gold ETF Really Invests In Gold? Better Check The Small Print

small-printSeveral analysts are bullish on gold right for reasons such as the threat of inflation or potential weakening of the dollar. However if you want to invest in gold ETFs be careful. Not all ETFs are created equal. According to Toni Straka from The Prudent Investor some ETFs hold paper contracts and claim no liability of the third party's management of the gold. Does your favorite precious metals exchanged traded fund (ETF) or exchange traded commodity (ETC) really invest in bullion all time? Or does it rely on paper contracts where a third party poses a counter party risk to a varying degree? Not everything marketed as a way to safely invest in precious metals truly shines under the spotlight. 
NYSE:GLD June 3, 2009 9:21am

Low-Risk Commodities Investing with ETFs

commoditiesThe new investments play off of Standard & Poor's Commodity Trends Indicator, or CTI, which bets on some commodity prices to rise and others to fall, depending on where the indicator's caretakers think a commodity is in its price cycle. So at some point, the indicator might call for holding futures contracts that will profit from corn prices rising (a "long" position), while at the same time it might call for selling short silver futures to bet on a drop in the metal's price.
ETF BASIC NEWS June 2, 2009 3:46pm

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