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Nuclear: The Next Energy ETF Trend (NLR)

nuclear1Catching the mega trend is a tricky business. If you’re paying attention, you might have a chance. Green energy was one such trend - and now we think another such trend may be developing in nuclear energy. When oil jumped significantly a couple of years ago, Hummers were still popular. Most Americans didn’t mind filling up their 2 SUVs (remember those?). As long as gas was “reasonable” they just put it on the card. But as the global boom unfolded, the world consumed more energy than the market could supply at such “low” prices. Crude oil briefly shot up to around $150. This scared many Americans. They scaled back on their energy consumption - sometimes out of necessity. At the same time, Al Gore (remember him?) came out with his movie about global warming. The resulting publicity about greenhouse emissions led to soaring interest in alternative energy sources. Suddenly the hybrid Toyota Prius was mainstream and incandescent light bulbs were a social faux pas. Green energy was in. Anyone who bought Green four years ago made out like a bandit. 
NYSE:NLR May 21, 2009 10:14am

United States Commodity Funds LLC files for ETF To Short Oil Prices; symbol: “DNO”

oildrumTHE OFFERING: USSO will be offering Creation Baskets consisting of 100,000 units through ALPS Distributors, Inc. (“Marketing Agent”) as marketing agent to Authorized Purchasers. The initial Authorized Purchaser will purchase one or more initial Creation Baskets of 100,000 units at an initial offering price per unit equal to $50.00. The initial Authorized Purchaser intends to offer the units of the initial Creation Basket(s) publicly. The effective date will be the date on which the SEC declares the registration statement relating to this prospectus effective and is expected to be the date of the sale of the initial Creation Basket(s). However, the proceeds are not expected to be invested until the order for the first Creation Basket has settled and cash is received from the initial Authorized Purchaser. The units are expected to begin trading on the day following the purchase of the initial Creation Basket(s) by the initial Authorized Purchaser.
ETF BASIC NEWS May 21, 2009 9:55am

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