Coffee ETFs Face Bearishness In The Months Ahead

coffeeAfter being revived for a while thanks to some dollar weakness, natural resources again slipped into trouble. This is especially true for soft commodities which couldn’t even stay afloat when other products from metal and mining sectors
NYSE:DBA October 16, 2013 2:19pm

Outlook Still Gloomy For The Coffee ETF

coffeeBroad commodities have made an impressive comeback after a steep fall earlier this year, and have caught enough investor interest of late. While the commodities in the precious and industrial space have rebounded from their lows or are even
NYSE:DBA August 29, 2013 3:09pm

Hedge the Price of Your Coffee With Shares of Starbucks

coffeeRising commodity prices get front page treatment, but price drops are printed near the obits. Consider coffee beans. From the spring of 2010 to May of 2011 coffee futures on the ICE more than doubled, hitting multi-decade highs. Chilling predictions of
NYSE:CAFE March 27, 2013 10:50am

The Coffee Market Has Been In A Downtrend For 19 Months? (JO, SBUX, JVA, GMCR, PEET)

coffeeEconMatters: 19 Months in the Downtrend: It has been a rough 19 months in the coffee market if you were long, and you had to be real nimble trying to trade the falling knife with some counter-trend trades. Coffee is currently trading around 1.41 per pound, and has been on a prolonged
NYSE:JO February 11, 2013 1:45pm

Time To Invest In Coffee? (JO, SBUX, JVA, GMCR, PEET)

Chris Vermeulen: Coffee prices have fallen more than 50% since 2010 which can be seen through the coffee exchange traded fund symbol: Coffee ETN (NYSEARCA:JO). This investment seeks to replicate
NYSE:JO January 4, 2013 12:02am

The Best And Worst Soft Commodity ETPs Of 2012 (NIB, BAL, SGG, JO)

Jared Cummans: In the commodity world, active trading reigns supreme; many investors measure their holding period by minutes and hours rather than by weeks and months. Among the most popular items to trade, soft commodities have found a particular niche with those who can stomach their risk. Made up of cocoa, coffee, cotton and sugar, the soft commodities
NYSE:BAL December 21, 2012 12:33pm

Soft Commodity ETFs Get Crushed

Jared Cummans: As markets prepare for another four years of Barack Obama, it is safe to say that trading has been anything but smooth. With most benchmarks
NYSE:BAL November 10, 2012 12:20pm

Halloween Fright Fest: 3 Scary ETFs (PLTM, CAFE, JO, TAN, KWT)

Daniela Pylypczak: While 2012 has proven to be a surprisingly impressive year thus far, odds are that some investors have gotten seriously burned by certain underperforming corners of the market. Volatile trading combined with lackluster economic reports and a slowing global
NASDAQ:PLTM October 31, 2012 12:20pm

For Day Traders: The Most Liquid ETF For Every Commodity (GLD, SLV, USO, UNG, UGA, CORN, JJC, BNO)

Jared Cummans: The introduction of commodity ETFs brought trading to a whole new level, as your average retail investor now has the opportunity to trade something like natural gas futures through a single ticker. As the years have gone on, a number of these products have grown
NYSE:BAL October 10, 2012 11:18am

Commodity Investing: Which Coffee ETF Is Right For You? (JO, CAFE)

Daniela Pylypczak: Although most might think of coffee as their breakfast-time drink of choice (or in most cases, necessity), its popularity as a lucrative financial instrument has surged in recent years. This soft commodity is well known around the world as a staple of many diets.
NYSE:CAFE October 3, 2012 2:39pm

The Ultimate Investor Guide To Coffee ETFs and Coffee Investing (JO, CAFE)

Tony Daltorio: The average coffee drinker probably doesn’t realize what a huge global business coffee is. As one of the so-called breakfast commodities (along with orange juice, sugar and cocoa), coffee is the world’s most widely-traded tropical agricultural commodity.
NYSE:CAFE July 24, 2012 10:43am

5 Of The Best and Worst ETF Performers In The First Half Of 2012 (TUR, EGPT, FBT, ITB, JO, GLDX, KWT, CVOL)

Michael Johnston: The first half of 2012 is now in the books, dropping the curtain on a back-and-forth six months for many investors. Though the sentiment recently
NYSE:EGPT July 10, 2012 12:01am

The Best (and Worst) Commodity Investments of H1 2012

Daniela Pylypczak: With the first half of the year officially in the books, investors have plenty of data and developments in the commodity world to talk about. With natural gas jolting back and forth and speculators calling tops and bottoms in crude oil and gold,
NYSE:JO July 6, 2012 11:48am

Commodity Trading: How To Trade Coffee Futures (CAFE, JJS, JO)

Michael Johnston: When it comes time to add coffee exposure to your portfolio, investors may be left with questions as to the best ways to achieve that goal. Trading coffee can be a very lucrative opportunity, as these futures offer strong intraday
NYSE:CAFE June 22, 2012 11:05am

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