Expense Ratio: 0.59% | AUM: 894.90M | Issuer: State Street Global Advisors

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The investment objective of the SPDR S&P China ETF is to provide investment results that correspond generally to the total return performance of the S&P China BMI Index.

Issuer State Street Global Advisors
Expense Ratio 0.59%
Assets Under Management (AUM) 894.90M
Underlying Index S&P China BMI Index
Asset Class Equity
ETF Category China Equities ETFs
Net Asset Value (NAV) $89.49
Options? Yes
Total Holdings 347

GXC - Top Holdings

Symbol Holding Name % of Total
BMMV2K Tencent Holdings Ltd. 10.56%
BABA Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Sponsored ADR 8.03%
B0LMTQ China Construction Bank Corporation Class H 5.44%
607355 China Mobile Limited 4.34%
B1G1QD Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Class H 3.61%
BIDU Baidu Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 3.35%
B15456 Bank of China Limited Class H 2.73%
JD JD.com Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 2.10%
B01FLR Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd. Class H 2.05%
671897 China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Class H 1.68%
NTES NetEase Inc. Sponsored ADR 1.56%
629181 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Class H 1.37%
B00G0S CNOOC Limited 1.35%
B0B8Z2 Bank of Communications Co. Ltd. Class H 1.30%
CTRP Ctrip.com International Ltd Sponsored ADR 1.27%
622657 PetroChina Company Limited Class H 1.12%
619215 China Overseas Land & Investment Limited 1.09%
B60LZR Agricultural Bank of China Limited Class H 0.89%
B1DYPZ China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd. Class H 0.81%
619615 CITIC Limited 0.69%
653182 Geely Automobile Holdings Limited 0.67%
B2Q5H5 China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd. Class H 0.67%
YUMC Yum China Holdings Inc. 0.65%
619376 China Resources Land Limited 0.62%
B1VKYN Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.60%
B85LKS AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. 0.59%
B57JY2 China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.59%
EDU New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. Sponsored ADR 0.57%
B1W0JF China Citic Bank Corporation Limited Class H 0.55%
B09N7M China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd. Class H 0.54%
670625 PICC Property & Casualty Co. Ltd. Class H 0.54%
626383 China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited 0.54%
613623 Hengan International Group Co. Ltd. 0.51%
655933 China Telecom Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.49%
B1JKTQ China Communications Construction Co. Ltd. Class H 0.46%
B01B1L China Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd. 0.43%
BLLHKZ WH Group Ltd. (HK) 0.42%
TAL TAL Education Group Sponsored ADR Class A 0.42%
608039 Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited Class H 0.42%
B71SXC Haitong Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 0.41%
B3ZVDV Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd. Class H 0.40%
BGY6SV China Cinda Asset Management Co. Ltd. Class H 0.39%
VIPS Vipshop Holdings Ltd Sponsored ADR 0.35%
B1YBT0 Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co. Ltd. 0.35%
B2Q14Z Want Want China Holdings Limited 0.35%
B43399 Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd. Class H 0.35%
SINA SINA Corp/China 0.35%
BDFBM1 Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. 0.35%
691316 Guangdong Investment Limited 0.34%
B6SPB4 CITIC Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 0.34%
618148 Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited 0.33%
B00XSF Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited 0.33%
621808 Lenovo Group Limited 0.33%
671825 Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd. Class H 0.32%
B0MP1B Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd. 0.31%
BD3DS6 China Evergrande Group 0.31%
663094 China Everbright International Limited 0.31%
B2R2ZC CRRC Corporation Limited Class H 0.30%
B1WJ4X Belle International Holdings Limited 0.30%
BN320P China Vanke Co. Ltd Class H 0.29%
B0PH5N Dongfeng Motor Group Co. Ltd. Class H 0.28%
B297KM China Railway Group Limited Class H 0.28%
653665 BYD Company Limited Class H 0.28%
B01YCG Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited 0.28%
BSBMM0 CGN Power Co. Ltd. 0.28%
619199 CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. 0.27%
646079 China Gas Holdings Limited 0.27%
B0RJCG Minth Group Limited 0.27%
697245 China Resources Beer (Holdings) Co. Ltd. 0.27%
608169 Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited 0.27%
BW4NKK GF Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 0.26%
B1L3XL Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co. Ltd. Class H 0.26%
641613 China Merchants Port Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.26%
671156 China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.26%
634007 KunLun Energy Co. Ltd. 0.26%
653551 China Resources Gas Group Limited 0.25%
649131 Kingboard Chemical Holdings Limited 0.24%
BD8C61 Credit China FinTech Holdings Ltd. 0.24%
B5730Z New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Class H 0.23%
B8RZJZ People's Insurance Co. (Group) of China Ltd. Class H 0.23%
B0Y91C China National Building Material Co. Ltd. Class H 0.23%
B16YNS Shimao Property Holdings Limited 0.22%
B92NYF China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 0.22%
674395 Weichai Power Co. Ltd. Class H 0.22%
632195 TravelSky Technology Ltd. Class H 0.22%
B4Q2TX China Longyuan Power Group Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.22%
B1YVKN ANTA Sports Products Ltd. 0.22%
672529 Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd. Class H 0.22%
B24CVP Sino-Ocean Group Holding Ltd. 0.22%
626404 China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.21%
609967 Huaneng Power International Inc. Class H 0.21%
B1TL3R Haier Electronics Group Co. Ltd. 0.21%
B0BM5T China State Construction International Holdings Limited 0.21%
642539 Aluminum Corporation of China Limited Class H 0.21%
B4Q4CJ Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. Class H 0.20%
B0WC2B Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Ltd. 0.20%
B2PFVH China Railway Construction Corporation Limited Class H 0.20%
620842 Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd. Class H 0.19%
B19H8Y Guangzhou R&F Properties Co. Ltd. Class H 0.19%
690355 Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. 0.19%
BFZCJC Bank of Chongqing Co. Ltd. Class H 0.18%
600030 Jiangxi Copper Company Limited Class H 0.18%
669377 Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited 0.18%
B56KLY Longfor Properties Co. Ltd. 0.18%
679745 Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Class H 0.17%
B4XRPN Sunac China Holdings Ltd. 0.17%
B1HVJ1 China Communications Services Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.17%
B1VT03 Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd. 0.16%
BYWKWP Future Land Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A 0.16%
BH7HM0 China Conch Venture Holdings Ltd. 0.16%
BWVFT0 Huatai Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 0.16%
B1L2RC Haitian International Holdings Limited 0.16%
B6WY99 China Medical System Holdings Ltd. 0.16%
B4Q1Y5 Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. Class H 0.15%
BPYM74 Alibaba Pictures Group Limited 0.15%
WUBA 58.com Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 0.15%
B1VRCG China Molybdenum Co. Ltd. Class H 0.15%
645514 China Everbright Limited 0.15%
B04KNF Air China Limited Class H 0.15%
B3MPN5 Sun Art Retail Group Limited 0.14%
BKX55D Harbin Bank Co. Ltd. Class H 0.14%
B27WRM Kingsoft Corp. Ltd. 0.14%
B04KP8 ZTE Corporation Class H 0.14%
B0PR2F Agile Group Holdings Limited 0.14%
670789 AviChina Industry & Technology Co. Ltd. Class H 0.13%
656099 China Oilfield Services Limited Class H 0.13%
635425 COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited 0.13%
BC4DNG Intime Retail (Group) Co. Ltd. 0.13%
679866 Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone Development Co. Ltd. Class B 0.13%
622882 Skyworth Digital Holdings Limited 0.13%
SOHU Sohu.com Inc 0.13%
639242 Yuexiu Property Co. Ltd. 0.13%
600550 Jiangsu Expressway Co. Ltd. Class H 0.13%
B07J65 Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd. Class H 0.13%
CBPO China Biologic Products Inc 0.12%
BSVXB8 Fullshare Holdings Limited 0.12%
HTHT China Lodging Group Ltd. Sponsored ADR 0.12%
BCRX1C China Huishan Dairy Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.12%
678208 Dongxu Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd. Class B 0.12%
B63DLB Far East Horizon Limited 0.12%
BJVBTY Shenzhen International Holdings Limited 0.12%
699076 Zhejiang Expressway Co. Ltd. Class H 0.12%
B92NYC SINOPEC Engineering (Group) Co. Ltd. Class H 0.12%
674234 Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co. Ltd. Class H 0.11%
615947 Chongqing Changan Automobile Company Limited Class B 0.11%
MOMO Momo Inc Sponsored ADR Class A 0.11%
B51QBN Yuzhou Properties Co. Ltd. 0.11%
BTF8BT BAIC Motor Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.11%
610989 Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd. Class H 0.11%
690580 Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd. Class H 0.11%
B28XTR GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited 0.11%
B01Z8S GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Limited 0.11%
B4K19W Yingde Gases Group Co. Ltd. 0.11%
B02ZKQ China Power International Development Ltd 0.10%
B87RSJ China International Marine Containers (Group) Co. Ltd Class H 0.10%
B01JCK Li Ning Company Limited 0.10%
B1JNK8 China Coal Energy Co. Ltd. Class H 0.10%
681001 Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited 0.10%
638870 Guangshen Railway Company Limited Class H 0.10%
B05NXN Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited 0.10%
B4WTBY Huaneng Renewables Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.10%
BG7ZSG Huishang Bank Corporation Limited Class H 0.10%
617137 China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited Class H 0.10%
608071 Datang International Power Generation Co. Ltd. Class H 0.10%
653526 Shenzhen Investment Limited 0.10%
YY YY Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 0.10%
619728 China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited 0.10%
B29MKF Uni-President China Holdings Ltd. 0.09%
671815 Qingling Motors Co. Ltd. Class H 0.09%
601564 Angang Steel Co. Ltd. Class H 0.09%
B1TLR6 China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited 0.09%
BGQYNN Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd. 0.09%
B633D9 Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd. 0.09%
601369 China Southern Airlines Company Limited Class H 0.09%
B1Z764 Vinda International Holdings Limited 0.09%
B10S7M Golden Eagle Retail Group Limited 0.09%
B7W33S Carnival Group International Holdings Limited 0.09%
BGNE BeiGene Ltd. Sponsored ADR 0.08%
BQQP9S CAR Inc. 0.08%
629504 Tong Ren Tang Technologies Co. Ltd. Class H 0.08%
B16NHT Shui On Land Ltd. 0.08%
B8XBQ9 Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. Ltd. Class H 0.08%
B0MSW5 Lonking Holdings Limited 0.08%
BSBND7 Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd Co 0.08%
660087 Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Class H 0.08%
B1H508 Zhaojin Mining Industry Co. Ltd. Class H 0.08%
BYP9J6 SSY Group Limited 0.08%
B0B8Z1 COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co. Ltd. Class H 0.07%
B42SRM Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. Class H 0.07%
CASH_HKD Hong Kong Dollar 0.07%
BY9D3L 3SBio Inc 0.07%
BNQ4GF Luye Pharma Group Ltd. 0.07%
635186 Digital China Holdings Limited 0.07%
684874 Shenzhen Expressway Co. Ltd. Class H 0.07%
B3NFC5 BBMG Corporation Class H 0.07%
B1DN3X China BlueChemical Ltd. Class H 0.07%
B28SXZ NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited 0.07%
B28214 China Dongxiang (Group) Co. Ltd. 0.07%
619607 Lao Feng Xiang Co. Ltd. Class B 0.07%
B5BQTQ Tibet Water Resources Ltd. 0.07%
B3W133 Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited 0.07%
622098 Poly Property Group Co. Ltd. 0.06%
608438 Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Company Limited Class H 0.06%
B29SHS BYD Electronic (International) Co. Ltd. 0.06%
616269 Sinopec Kantons Holdings Limited 0.06%
B1XCJB Xinhua Winshare Publishing & Media Co. Ltd. Class H 0.06%
635467 Shougang Fushan Resources Group Limited 0.06%
B3PZ2V China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd. 0.06%
683542 Shanghai Baosight Software Co. Ltd. Class B 0.06%
BYNKP9 China Resources Phoenix Healthcare Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.06%
BTF7ZR Shengjing Bank Co. Ltd. Class H 0.06%
B23TGR China Jinmao Holdings Group Limited 0.06%
BYM8MQ Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited 0.06%
BN320D Qingdao Port International Co Ltd Class H 0.06%
B544N7 Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Class H 0.06%
B4ZB3G Biostime International Holdings Limited 0.06%
B17KMY Yanlord Land Group Limited 0.05%
678204 COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co. Ltd. Class H 0.05%
B1YBF0 KWG Property Holding Limited 0.05%
604518 Anhui Expressway Company Limited Class H 0.05%
B27WLD SOHO China Ltd. 0.05%
B61X7R SITC International Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.05%
BITA Bitauto Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR 0.05%
B4X3RF Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd. 0.05%
B018L7 COSCO SHIPPING Development Co. Ltd. Class H 0.05%
B5VKM8 Baoxin Auto Group Ltd. 0.05%
BYNK38 China Huarong Asset Management Co Ltd Class H 0.05%
672879 MMG Ltd. 0.05%
B4LVMD China South City Holdings Limited 0.05%
B41XC9 China Resources Cement Holdings Limited 0.05%
B59GZJ Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Class H 0.05%
B00GWP AMVIG Holdings Limited 0.05%
614278 Huadian Power International Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.05%
B8L1BL Huadian Fuxin Energy Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.05%
680083 Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co. Ltd. Class B 0.05%
632758 Kingdee International Software Group Co. Ltd. 0.05%
662336 Beijing Capital Land Ltd. Class H 0.04%
BYMMR1 CT Environmental Group Ltd. 0.04%
654047 Shanghai Fudan Zhangjiang Bio Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class H 0.04%
NOAH Noah Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR Class A 0.04%
BYZTNN Zall Group Ltd. 0.04%
B0SC24 Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Co. Ltd. Class H 0.04%
B0N6Y9 Ju Teng International Holdings Limited 0.04%
B1QDWP Hengdeli Holdings Limited 0.04%
BH4TZ7 Fu Shou Yuan International Group Ltd. 0.04%
B44ZV9 China Hongqiao Group Ltd. 0.04%
B41LDR China All Access (Holdings) Ltd 0.04%
639193 Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Company Limited Class H 0.04%
611624 Hopson Development Holdings Limited 0.04%
B17N9P Greentown China Holdings Ltd. 0.04%
657901 Sinotrans Ltd. Class H 0.04%
656050 HNA Infrastructure Company Limited Class H 0.04%
ATHM Autohome Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 0.04%
BYMW8J China Harmony New Energy Auto Holding Ltd. 0.04%
B0M6DX CIMC Enric Holdings Limited 0.04%
B1P1JS Fufeng Group Limited 0.04%
B3VZ22 China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd. 0.04%
B1VKZ8 CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited 0.04%
B688XD Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co. Ltd. Class H 0.04%
BTHH0Y Yestar Healthcare Holdings Co Ltd 0.04%
605587 Sichuan Expressway Co. Ltd. Class H 0.04%
SFUN Fang Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR Class A 0.04%
BSBMKM China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Ltd. 0.03%
B1JXKZ Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels (Group) Co. Ltd. Class H 0.03%
BH4H6F Consun Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. 0.03%
B94VG5 China Machinery Engineering Corp. Class H 0.03%
B045C0 China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Limited 0.03%
605261 AVIC International Holdings Ltd. Class H 0.03%
BCDBKF China Lesso Group Holdings Limited 0.03%
669351 CP Pokphand Co. Ltd. 0.03%
BZ060Z BEP International Holdings Limited 0.03%
B1G2FL AGTech Holdings Limited 0.03%
BC9S4J Chinasoft International Ltd. 0.03%
619617 CSG Holding Co. Ltd. Class B 0.03%
627856 Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited Class H 0.03%
639878 Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited 0.03%
B24FZ3 Bosideng International Holdings Limited 0.03%
648033 China Financial Services Holdings Limited 0.03%
680628 COSCO SHIPPING International (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. 0.03%
680078 Dazhong Transportation (Group) Co. Ltd. Class B 0.03%
BHZJ0P Coolpad Group Ltd. 0.03%
665157 Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited 0.03%
658705 Dongjiang Environmental Company Limited Class H 0.03%
698466 Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation Class H 0.03%
677964 Shanghai Potevio Co. Ltd. Class B 0.03%
B1QHDZ China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd. 0.03%
657088 Hua Han Health Industry Holdings Limited 0.02%
636923 CITIC Resources Holdings Limited 0.02%
BC5ZFB Wisdom Sports Group 0.02%
BD9PQK China Jicheng Holdings Limited 0.02%
628620 Shandong Airlines Co. Ltd. Class B 0.02%
FANH Fanhua Inc. Sponsored ADR 0.02%
B03S8Z NewOcean Energy Holdings Limited 0.02%
B3DDY1 Renhe Commercial Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.02%
JKS JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. Sponsored ADR 0.02%
BYZWFF Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited 0.02%
B17MXJ Hi Sun Technology (China) Limited 0.02%
666002 Shenwan Hongyuan (H.K.) Limited 0.02%
600289 First Tractor Co. Ltd. Class H 0.02%
B3ZNGT Greatview Aseptic Packaging Company Limited 0.02%
BZUN Baozun Inc Sponsored ADR Class A 0.02%
VNET 21Vianet Group Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 0.02%
B12YMD Dalian Port (PDA) Co. Ltd. Class H 0.02%
BK33KZ Poly Culture Group Corp. Ltd. Class H 0.02%
636000 China Financial International Investments Limited 0.02%
B0HZZ5 Parkson Retail Group Limited 0.02%
B0SY09 Xiamen International Port Co. Ltd. Class H 0.02%
WB Weibo Corp Sponsored ADR Class A 0.02%
BNB33V Central China Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 0.02%
B4YX1N China Datang Corp. Renewable Power Co. Ltd. Class H 0.02%
BNGWZ4 Kangda International Environmental Co Ltd 0.02%
B0T4J9 Wasion Group Holdings Limited 0.02%
BYYMZN China Overseas Property Holdings Limited 0.02%
BVXTWR Concord New Energy Group Limited 0.02%
CMCM Cheetah Mobile Inc. ADR Class A 0.02%
BNG5KW Colour Life Services Group Co Ltd 0.02%
B0D01C China Yurun Food Group Limited 0.02%
B3ZXLP China Suntien Green Energy Corp. Class H 0.02%
B1TNRD Ajisen (China) Holdings Limited 0.02%
B3KSQY China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Ltd. 0.02%
B621F9 Hilong Holding Ltd. 0.02%
BGCBFM Boyaa Interactive International Ltd. 0.01%
BYW6BH Tech Pro Technology Development Ltd. 0.01%
B39Z8W China Shanshui Cement Group Ltd. 0.01%
B4RCHB China Fiber Optic Network System Group Ltd. 0.01%
BYT2N2 Munsun Capital Group Ltd. 0.01%
B4NC3T Shenguan Holdings (Group) Ltd. 0.01%
B29JZB Anton Oilfield Services Group 0.01%
BFTDDC Hydoo International Holdings Ltd. 0.01%
BD5BP9 Qianhai Health Holdings Ltd. 0.01%
B0703Z China Oil & Gas Group Ltd. 0.01%
FENG Phoenix New Media Ltd. Sponsored ADR Class A 0.01%
BYYNHM Redco Properties Group Ltd. 0.01%
B9Q97Z Xinchen China Power Holdings Ltd. 0.01%
BGLZXH YuanShengTai Dairy Farm Ltd. 0.01%
BZBGB3 China Soft Power Technology Holdings Limited 0.00%
BYY6N2 China Huarong Energy Company Limited 0.00%
BYY9BM Universal Health International Group Holding Ltd. 0.00%
CASH_SGD Singapore Dollar 0.00%
CASH_JPY Japanese Yen 0.00%
BHBF4W Suncorp Technologies Limited 0.00%
BSVXBC Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited 0.00%
BYQM6Z Huayi Tencent Entertainment Co. Ltd. 0.00%
BWZN1R Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co. Ltd. Class H 0.00%
B468DF Boer Power Holdings Limited 0.00%
BPFH3X V1 Group Limited 0.00%
BNLPLJ Tian Ge Interactive Holdings Ltd 0.00%
BNFWNX Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Co. Ltd. 0.00%
CASH_USD U.S. Dollar 0.00%
Identifier Name 0.00%

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GXC - Price/Volume Stats

Current price $89.83
Prev. close $89.58
Day low $89.40
Day high $89.97
52-week high $91.38
52-week low $65.34
Day Volume 37,300
Avg. volume 69,959
Dividend yield 1.46%

GXC - Recent Returns

1-mo 2.12%
3-mo 8.84%
6-mo 27.49%
1-year 37.22%
3-year 27.12%
5-year 62.98%
YTD 25.05%
2016 0.09%
2015 -5.22%
2014 4.47%
2013 8.07%
2012 21.69%

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