VanEck Vectors High-Yield Municipal Index ETF (HYD) ETF

Expense Ratio: 0.35% | AUM: 3.02B | Issuer: Van Eck Associates

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The investment objective of the Market Vectors High Yield Municipal Index ETF seeks to replicate as closely as possible the price and yield performance of the Barclays Municipal Custom High Yield Composite Index.

Issuer Van Eck Associates
Expense Ratio 0.35%
Assets Under Management (AUM) 3.02B
Underlying Index Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Custom High Yield Composite Index
Asset Class Fixed Income
ETF Category High Yield Bond ETFs
Net Asset Value (NAV) $64.20
Options? Yes
Total Holdings 2014

HYD - Top Holdings

Symbol Holding Name % of Total
59469WAM1 Michigan Strategic Fund 0.00%
245913KZ0 Delaware County Authority 0.00%
514045ZB2 Lancaster County Hospital Authority/Pa 0.00%
257542AA8 Dominion Water & Sanitation District 0.00%
01728AB88 Allegheny County Hospital Development A 0.00%
41077CAH8 Hanover County Economic Development Aut 0.00%
939783RB4 Washington State Housing Finance Commis 0.00%
704387AC3 Payne County Economic Development Autho 0.00%
745160RG8 Puerto Rico Commonwealth Aqueduct & Sew 0.00%
79771P2P9 San Francisco City & County Redevelopme 0.00%
745235L25 Puerto Rico Public Buildings Authority 0.00%
57586EH87 Massachusetts Health & Educational Faci 0.00%
048339TR6 City Of Atlantic City Nj 0.00%
77781PAT4 Roseville Finance Authority 0.00%
745190ZH4 Puerto Rico Highways & Transportation A 0.00%
12008EGJ9 Build Nyc Resource Corp 0.00%
38546WCC2 City Of Grand Forks Nd 0.00%
786153NT9 County Of Sacramento Ca 0.00%
24918ECC2 Denver Health & Hospital Authority 0.00%
74529JNV3 Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corp Sa 0.00%
26822LLS1 E-470 Public Highway Authority 0.00%
64990BHE6 New York State Dormitory Authority 0.00%
62947VAN7 New York Counties Tobacco Trust Ii 0.00%
267041GG0 Dutchess County Industrial Development 0.00%
5463983H9 Louisiana Public Facilities Authority 0.00%
012173FR6 Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority 0.00%
074527MR0 Beaumont Independent School District 0.00%
108158AP1 Bridgeport Housing Authority 0.00%
10623NAR6 Port Freeport Tx 0.00%
86476RAP9 Suffolk County Economic Development Cor 0.00%
63166LBF7 Nassau County Local Economic Assistance 0.00%
186352PX2 City Of Cleveland Oh Airport System Rev 0.00%
88880NAU3 Tobacco Settlement Financing Corp/Va 0.00%
641345CP6 City Of Nevada Mo 0.00%
62947YAE1 New York Counties Tobacco Trust Iv 0.00%
295095BB8 Erie Tobacco Asset Securitization Corp 0.00%
692160FK5 Town Of Oyster Bay Ny 0.00%
87172NBB3 Syracuse Industrial Development Agency 0.00%
56036YDE2 Main Street Natural Gas Inc 0.00%
112513AC0 County Of Brooke Wv 0.00%
852431BM6 Stafford County Economic Development Au 0.00%
27806EAM0 Eaton Area Park & Recreation District 0.00%
54714FAA8 Love Field Airport Modernization Corp 0.00%
09659MAS5 Board Of Managers Joint Guadalupe Count 0.00%
40727RBU1 County Of Hamilton Oh 0.00%
93978E4M1 Washington Health Care Facilities Autho 0.00%
106045CT2 Brazoria County Health Facilities Devel 0.00%
874485CQ6 City Of Tallahassee Fl 0.00%
01753RAD9 County Of Allen In 0.00%
98464UAR7 Yamhill County Hospital Authority 0.00%
977228AC9 Wise County Industrial Development Auth 0.00%
414191AT3 Harris County Industrial Development Co 0.00%
73358EEE0 Port Authority Of New York & New Jersey 0.00%
66442RCJ4 Northeastern Illinois University 0.00%
526433BM8 Leon County Educational Facilities Auth 0.00%
762244FP1 Rhode Island Health & Educational Build 0.00%
798147V76 San Jose Redevelopment Agency 0.00%
678910DB3 Oklahoma Development Finance Authority 0.00%
249189DL2 Denver Convention Center Hotel Authorit 0.00%
69753LAM9 Palomar Health 0.00%
251174AV0 Detroit Local Development Finance Autho 0.00%
246387RW6 Delaware State Economic Development Aut 0.00%
65820FAF4 North Carolina Department Of Transporta 0.00%
400653GP0 Guam Power Authority 0.00%
036680BX3 Antelope Valley Healthcare District 0.00%
65821DNV9 North Carolina Medical Care Commission 0.00%
357129CH6 Fremont Community Facilities District N 0.00%
416415CB1 City Of Hartford Ct 0.00%
61543RAT3 Moon Industrial Development Authority 0.00%
608333AR1 Mohegan Tribe Of Indians Of Connecticut 0.00%
967249NP4 City Of Wichita Ks 0.00%
81080LAG1 Scranton Redevelopment Authority 0.00%
362896AM4 Gainesville Redevelopment Authority 0.00%
04052BAM6 Arizona Industrial Development Authorit 0.00%
745266AY2 Puerto Rico Convention Center District 0.00%
593856AD9 Miami World Center Community Developmen 0.00%
648536AZ3 New Rochelle Industrial Development Age 0.00%
13058TEU0 California School Finance Authority 0.00%
114224AK4 City Of Brooklyn Park Mn 0.00%
62551PCD7 Hospital Facilities Authority Of Multno 0.00%
970712AB1 City Of Williston Nd 0.00%
74442EBN9 Public Finance Authority 0.00%
494794FC9 King County Public Hospital District No 0.00%
45385LKV4 Independent Cities Finance Authority 0.00%
40064RDL0 Antonio B Won Pat International Airport 0.00%
073225AW4 Township Of Baytown Mn 0.00%
777870WA0 City Of Roseville Ca 0.00%
181003MX9 County Of Clark Nv 0.00%
164631AC7 Cherry Hill Community Development Autho 0.00%
684604AS0 Orange County Industrial Development Ag 0.00%
36024LAK5 Fulton County Industrial Development Au 0.00%
03254EFT8 Anaheim Community Facilities District 0.00%
478271JE0 Johnson City Health & Educational Facil 0.00%
677660UJ9 Ohio Water Development Authority 0.00%
75211RGZ4 Rancho Cordova Community Facilities Dis 0.00%
033887CR9 City Of Anderson In 0.00%
13281QBT1 Camden County Improvement Authority 0.00%
39081JAB4 Great Lakes Water Authority Water Suppl 0.00%
613609B88 Montgomery County Industrial Developmen 0.00%
542426DA6 City Of Long Beach Ca Marina System Rev 0.00%
605360QE9 Mississippi Hospital Equipment & Facili 0.00%
14915YKH2 Cathedral City Public Financing Authori 0.00%
703380CF0 Patterson Public Financing Authority 0.00%
194638AD4 Collier County Industrial Development A 0.00%
179468RU9 County Of Claiborne Tn 0.00%
246348FN1 Delaware River Port Authority 0.00%
38122NNZ1 Golden State Tobacco Securitization Cor 0.00%
901047FG0 Tustin Community Facilities District 0.00%
649519DD4 New York Liberty Development Corp 0.00%
574374AN4 City Of Marysville Ca 0.00%
888808DD1 Tobacco Settlement Financing Corp/Nj 0.00%
573903EN7 Martin County Health Facilities Authori 0.00%
118217AX6 Buckeye Tobacco Settlement Financing Au 0.00%
432638AB0 Village Of Hillside Il 0.00%
472682RT2 County Of Jefferson Al Sewer Revenue 0.00%
70917SBK8 Pennsylvania Higher Educational Facilit 0.00%
167505PT7 Chicago Board Of Education 0.00%
199875GM1 Comanche County Hospital Authority 0.00%
13080SMH4 California Statewide Communities Develo 0.00%
39753MFJ2 Gregg County Health Facilities Developm 0.00%
690278AZ9 Overland Park Development Corp 0.00%
452143EZ9 Illinois Sports Facilities Authority/Th 0.00%
13016NCB8 California County Tobacco Securitizatio 0.00%
51206QAD9 Lakes By The Bay South Community Develo 0.00%
744387AB7 Public Authority For Colorado Energy 0.00%
796245AA6 San Antonio Convention Hotel Finance Co 0.00%
45203HPM8 Illinois Finance Authority 0.00%
13033LB30 California Health Facilities Financing 0.00%
010869GZ2 Alameda Corridor Transportation Authori 0.00%
957366CB1 Westchester County Healthcare Corp/Ny 0.00%
650116AU0 New York Transportation Development Cor 0.00%
880443BT2 Tennessee Energy Acquisition Corp 0.00%
254842BC0 District Of Columbia Tobacco Settlement 0.00%
40065HCS7 Territory Of Guam 0.00%
345105HA1 Foothill-Eastern Transportation Corrido 0.00%
107419CQ4 County Of Brevard Fl 0.00%
4423487T9 City Of Houston Tx Airport System Reven 0.00%
169548BY9 Chino Public Financing Authority 0.00%
888804AX9 Tobacco Securitization Authority Of Sou 0.00%
533020EG4 Lincoln Public Financing Authority 0.00%
46246SAK1 Iowa Finance Authority 0.00%
56681NAX5 Maricopa County Industrial Development 0.00%
59447TFD0 Michigan Finance Authority 0.00%
130534B33 California Pollution Control Financing 0.00%
49126KGV7 Kentucky Economic Development Finance A 0.00%
23982AAD3 Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority 0.00%
888805AM0 Iowa Tobacco Settlement Authority 0.00%
7178238D3 Philadelphia Gas Works Co 0.00%
113807AM3 Brooklyn Arena Local Development Corp 0.00%
187145DK0 Clifton Higher Education Finance Corp 0.00%
594751AH2 Michigan Tobacco Settlement Finance Aut 0.00%
311450FM7 City Of Farmington Nm 0.00%
888794AT1 Tobacco Securitization Authority Of Nor 0.00%
924397DJ8 City Of Vernon Ca Electric System Reven 0.00%
74265LD39 Private Colleges & Universities Authori 0.00%
017292XF5 Allegheny County Industrial Development 0.00%
79575EAN8 Salt Verde Financial Corp 0.00%
406511AC9 City Of Ham Lake Mn 0.00%
74514LMZ7 Commonwealth Of Puerto Rico 0.00%
741756CB4 Prince William County Industrial Develo 0.00%
41473XAB5 Capital Region Water 0.00%
167723FY6 Chicago Transit Authority 0.00%
864809AK4 Suffolk Tobacco Asset Securitization Co 0.00%
010632KX4 Alabama State University 0.00%
45471ACW0 Indiana Finance Authority 0.00%
505237CG0 La Vernia Higher Education Finance Corp 0.00%
708686EC0 Pennsylvania Economic Development Finan 0.00%
16639UAL2 Chesterfield County Economic Developmen 0.00%
25483VQS6 District Of Columbia 0.00%
958324DM4 Western Hills Water District 0.00%
45734TAE4 Inland Empire Tobacco Securitization Au 0.00%
75687RAC6 Red River Health Facilities Development 0.00%
167486SU4 City Of Chicago Il 0.00%
38611TAB3 Grand Parkway Transportation Corp 0.00%
79020FAM8 Parish Of St John The Baptist La 0.00%
84552TAB8 Southwestern Illinois Development Autho 0.00%
800888AC3 Sanger Industrial Development Corp 0.00%
01266WAK2 Albermarle County Economic Development 0.00%
66585VAX3 Northern Tobacco Securitization Corp 0.00%
394376BT3 Greene County Development Authority 0.00%
63166MCB3 Nassau County Tobacco Settlement Corp 0.00%
68608JMX6 Oregon State Facilities Authority 0.00%
882667AK4 Texas Private Activity Bond Surface Tra 0.00%
098867EV2 County Of Boone Mo 0.00%
36381PAP2 County Of Gallia Oh 0.00%
425208UM5 Henderson Local Improvement Districts 0.00%
55374SAG5 M-S-R Energy Authority 0.00%
342814EB2 Mid-Bay Bridge Authority 0.00%
6446148D4 New Hampshire Health And Education Faci 0.00%
162362HW0 Chattanooga-Hamilton County Hospital Au 0.00%
797049AJ2 City Of San Buenaventura Ca 0.00%
804208CR5 Saugus/Hart School Facilities Financing 0.00%
592250BW3 Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authorit 0.00%
509632NC5 Lake Elsinore Public Financing Authorit 0.00%
018444AK5 Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone 0.00%
64945JAF9 New York Counties Tobacco Trust Vi 0.00%
97710B6U1 Wisconsin Health & Educational Faciliti 0.00%
24380HAS1 City Of Deephaven Mn 0.00%
798111GG9 San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corrid 0.00%
217658AC7 Copperleaf Metropolitan District No 2 0.00%
792888KL2 Housing & Redevelopment Authority Of Th 0.00%
243323BW1 Decatur Hospital Authority 0.00%
79410SBN5 Salem County Pollution Control Financin 0.00%
497609BD8 Kirkwood Industrial Development Authori 0.00%
40065FCH5 Guam Government Waterworks Authority 0.00%
092792AB6 City Of Blaine Mn 0.00%
677525VK0 Ohio Air Quality Development Authority 0.00%
12964UAJ1 Calhoun County Hospital Finance Authori 0.00%
574205FL9 Maryland Economic Development Corp 0.00%
19645RY62 Colorado Educational & Cultural Facilit 0.00%
841895AW5 Southeastern Ohio Port Authority 0.00%
225004AR1 Crawford County Hospital Authority 0.00%
888809BE9 Tobacco Settlement Financing Corp/Ri 0.00%
036327AH7 City Of Anoka Mn 0.00%
49952MEG7 Knox County Health Educational & Housin 0.00%
037433AG4 Apache County Industrial Development Au 0.00%
677599AC6 State Of Ohio 0.00%
513305AE2 Lambertson Farms Metropolitan District 0.00%
452152D81 State Of Illinois 0.00%
829566CE6 City Of Sioux Falls Sd 0.00%
52349KBL9 Lee County Industrial Development Autho 0.00%
165579EW9 Chester County Health & Education Facil 0.00%
83703FAP7 South Carolina Jobs-Economic Developmen 0.00%
98267VDC4 Wyandotte County-Kansas City Unified Go 0.00%
645918K77 New Jersey Economic Development Authori 0.00%
405815LJ8 Halifax Hospital Medical Center 0.00%
546282H72 Louisiana Local Government Environmenta 0.00%
60375CAJ3 City Of Minneapolis Mn 0.00%
927676TP1 Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority 0.00%
530785AB0 City Of Liberty Mo 0.00%
130923BH7 California Statewide Financing Authorit 0.00%
230614GJ2 Cumberland County Municipal Authority 0.00%
54241AAY9 Long Beach Bond Finance Authority 0.00%
79130GJC6 St Louis County Industrial Development 0.00%
16255RAB4 County Of Chautauqua Industrial Develop 0.00%
745272EM2 Puerto Rico Industrial Tourist Educatio 0.00%
34061UCD8 Florida Development Finance Corp 0.00%
54361PAA2 Lorain County Port Authority 0.00%
718211AA3 City Of Philippi Wv 0.00%
74173KAB7 Prince George's County Revenue Authorit 0.00%
76827QCR2 River Islands Public Financing Authorit 0.00%
058696AD7 Ballston Quarter Community Development 0.00%
735385AC0 Port Of Seattle Industrial Development 0.00%
4624603P9 Iowa Higher Education Loan Authority 0.00%
82706TAD3 Silicon Valley Tobacco Securitization A 0.00%
660393P60 City Of North Las Vegas Nv 0.00%
35571LBG2 County Of Frederick Md 0.00%
969281HP2 William S Hart Union High School Distri 0.00%
628077CQ0 County Of Muskingum Oh 0.00%
419800LS4 State Of Hawaii Department Of Budget & 0.00%
040506NB9 Arizona Health Facilities Authority 0.00%
167593LJ9 Chicago O'Hare International Airport 0.00%
64966TFH2 Housing Development Corp/Ny 0.00%
23867PAD0 Town Of Davie Fl 0.00%
688824AK7 County Of Otero Nm 0.00%
339510BH1 Flint Hospital Building Authority 0.00%
65225PAK2 Newport News Economic Development Autho 0.00%
526039CF7 City Of Lenexa Ks 0.00%
474702CY1 Jefferson Parish Hospital Service Distr 0.00%
71284MBX6 Peoria Industrial Development Authority 0.00%
72177MNU7 Industrial Development Authority Of The 0.00%
16532RAM5 City Of Chesapeake Va Chesapeake Expres 0.00%
728896CF6 County Of Pleasants Wv 0.00%
563017DS8 City Of Manhattan Ks 0.00%
6845033A1 Orange County Health Facilities Authori 0.00%
415221AW0 Harrison County Health Facilities Devel 0.00%
89438LCC0 Travis County Health Facilities Develop 0.00%
738222AF5 Pottsboro Higher Education Finance Corp 0.00%
952341BD6 West Contra Costa Healthcare District 0.00%
85232SAB5 Parish Of St Charles La 0.00%
946829AS7 City Of Wayzata Mn 0.00%
491397AB1 Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastr 0.00%
902261HG4 Tyler Health Facilities Development Cor 0.00%
92028RAA3 City Of Valparaiso In 0.00%
95737TCC8 Westchester County Local Development Co 0.00%
684901DZ1 Orange County Industrial Development Au 0.00%
40220MAF8 Gulf Coast Industrial Development Autho 0.00%
473300AD3 Jefferson County Industrial Development 0.00%
37969RAA9 Gloucester County Pollution Control Fin 0.00%
13937TCG0 Cape Coral Health Facilities Authority 0.00%
59807PAG0 Midtown Miami Community Development Dis 0.00%
16876QBG3 Children's Trust Fund 0.00%
59335KAT4 County Of Miami-Dade Seaport Department 0.00%
659231BC7 North East Texas Regional Mobility Auth 0.00%
88256HAT5 Texas Municipal Gas Acquisition & Suppl 0.00%
40579PAB7 Halifax County Industrial Development A 0.00%
484906AN2 Kansas City Industrial Development Auth 0.00%
52480RBM1 Lehigh County General Purpose Authority 0.00%
87638RFA0 Tarrant County Cultural Education Facil 0.00%
795869ET9 Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency 0.00%
05921PAU3 City Of Baltimore Md 0.00%
653542AB6 Niagara Area Development Corp 0.00%
71781XAT0 Philadelphia Authority For Industrial D 0.00%
40065AAD7 Guam Department Of Education 0.00%
14760RAV3 Casino Reinvestment Development Authori 0.00%
040821AJ9 Arkansas City Public Building Commissio 0.00%
560427WB8 Maine Health & Higher Educational Facil 0.00%
92415TBA9 Vermont Economic Development Authority 0.00%
010586AD7 Alabama Industrial Development Authorit 0.00%
451295YT0 Idaho Health Facilities Authority 0.00%
417704FW8 City Of Harvey Il 0.00%
167736SJ7 City Of Chicago Il Waterworks Revenue 0.00%
88283KAX6 Central Texas Turnpike System 0.00%
797214CF8 City Of San Clemente Ca 0.00%
24047CDD7 Dekalb County Hospital Authority/Ga 0.00%
646065UC4 New Jersey Educational Facilities Autho 0.00%
899661EL2 Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust 0.00%
40064LAB8 Guam Economic Development & Commerce Au 0.00%
213247CA5 County Of Cook Il 0.00%
186347AC4 City Of Cleveland Oh 0.00%
649852AQ3 New York State Environmental Facilities 0.00%
926282AZ7 City Of Victoria Mn 0.00%
57583U7H5 Massachusetts Development Finance Agenc 0.00%
16514PAE9 Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel District 0.00%
927688FJ5 Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority 0.00%
121649AA5 Burlington County Bridge Commission 0.00%
64579F8G1 New Jersey Health Care Facilities Finan 0.00%
72818QAX1 Plaza Metropolitan District No 1 0.00%
143298AE7 City Of Carmel In 0.00%
773747ES5 City Of Rocklin Ca 0.00%
92708AAE9 Village Community Development District 0.00%
605156AB4 Mission Economic Development Corp 0.00%
69030SAC1 City Of Overland Park Ks 0.00%
87972MAM4 Tempe Industrial Development Authority 0.00%
24602AAB5 Delaware County Industrial Development 0.00%
13057EAL8 California Public Finance Authority 0.00%
574218XW8 Maryland Health & Higher Educational Fa 0.00%
677288AG7 County Of Ohio Ky 0.00%
898526FF0 Tsasc Inc/Ny 0.00%
71440PBW2 Perris Union High School District/Ca 0.00%
717903C55 Hospitals & Higher Education Facilities 0.00%
101271AM6 County Of Botetourt Va 0.00%
64971PFH3 New York City Industrial Development Ag 0.00%
576528DP5 Matagorda County Navigation District No 0.00%
956622XP4 West Virginia Hospital Finance Authorit 0.00%
162564BB3 Chautauqua Tobacco Asset Securitization 0.00%
80329LBP3 Sarasota County Health Facilities Autho 0.00%
97535RAB6 Winrock Town Center Tax Increment Devel 0.00%
249271GU5 City & County Of Denver Co 0.00%
885474BH8 Thousand Oaks Community Facilities Dist 0.00%
406801AE0 Town Of Hamden Ct 0.00%
447297AK8 Huntsville-Redstone Village Special Car 0.00%
781433AA5 Town Of Rumford Me 0.00%
25490LAC1 State Of Nevada Department Of Business 0.00%
821697H77 Shelby County Health Educational & Hous 0.00%
414009FH8 Harris County Cultural Education Facili 0.00%
30383DAG0 Fairfax County Economic Development Aut 0.00%
069781AB8 Base Village Metropolitan District No 2 0.00%
647719NF6 City Of New Orleans La Sewerage Service 0.00%
392397CC7 Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Cente 0.00%
927781BR4 Virginia College Building Authority 0.00%
59455TTZ5 Michigan Municipal Bond Authority 0.00%
353180HZ8 County Of Franklin Oh 0.00%
29681TAA9 Essex County Improvement Authority 0.00%
592643BP4 Metropolitan Washington Airports Author 0.00%
174762EM2 Citizens Memorial Hospital District 0.00%
903769CD7 Ulster County Industrial Development Ag 0.00%
03588WAS2 Anne Arundel County Consolidated Specia 0.00%
074876HN6 Beaver County Industrial Development Au 0.00%
97982CAA9 Woodloch Health Facilities Development 0.00%
593211EZ4 Miami Beach Health Facilities Authority 0.00%
68423PWB2 Orange County Community Facilities Dist 0.00%
155498BU1 Central Texas Regional Mobility Authori 0.00%
84437RAG2 Southglenn Metropolitan District 0.00%
495713AD1 Kingfisher Hospital Authority 0.00%
773837AC3 City Of Rockport In 0.00%
11023PAB0 Bristol Industrial Development Board 0.00%
96048SAD2 Town Of Westlake Tx 0.00%
501156AD5 Kuakini Health System 0.00%
02936TAB7 American Samoa Economic Development Aut 0.00%
14052WCC9 Capital Trust Agency Inc 0.00%
09606AAA4 City Of Blue Springs Mo 0.00%
010685JM8 Alachua County Health Facilities Author 0.00%
234662DY7 Dallas County Flood Control District No 0.00%
392274F76 Greater Orlando Aviation Authority 0.00%
287254EC6 Elk Grove Finance Authority 0.00%
696507TD4 Palm Beach County Health Facilities Aut 0.00%
73885QGE3 Poway Unified School District Public Fi 0.00%
19648AYA7 Colorado Health Facilities Authority 0.00%
918828BX1 Val Verde Unified School District 0.00%
110354AQ0 Bristol Industrial Development Authorit 0.00%
762713AA3 County Of Rice Mn 0.00%
928104LK2 Virginia Small Business Financing Autho 0.00%
46360RTZ0 City Of Irvine Ca 0.00%
41154VAB5 Harbor Point Infrastructure Improvement 0.00%
01069HAU2 County Of Alachua Fl 0.00%
59333EDF7 Miami-Dade County Industrial Developmen 0.00%
009730NY4 Akron Bath Copley Joint Township Hospit 0.00%
86909RBD2 Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Autho 0.00%
182521BQ6 Clarksville Natural Gas Acquisition Cor 0.00%
700387DJ9 Park Creek Metropolitan District 0.00%
64542UCR3 New Hope Cultural Education Facilities 0.00%
61945DAC5 Mosaic District Community Development A 0.00%
13048TVW0 California Municipal Finance Authority 0.00%

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HYD - Price/Volume Stats

Current price $64.38
Prev. close $64.29
Day low $64.25
Day high $64.39
52-week high $66.00
52-week low $60.27
Day Volume 371,100
Avg. volume 300,391
Dividend yield 4.18%

HYD - Recent Returns

1-mo -0.13%
3-mo 2.28%
6-mo 5.07%
1-year 8.19%
3-year 14.14%
5-year 31.88%
YTD 8.46%
2018 2.55%
2017 9.78%
2016 0.40%
2015 5.07%
2014 14.87%

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