PowerShares National AMT-Free Municipal Bond Portfolio (PZA) ETF

Expense Ratio: 0.28% | AUM: 1.52B | Issuer: Invesco PowerShares

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The investment objective of the PowerShares Insured National Municipal Bond Portfolio ETF is based on The BofA Merrill Lynch National Long-Term Core Plus Municipal Securities Index. The Index is composed of US dollar-denominated, investment grade, tax-exempt debt publicly issued by US. states and territories, or their political subdivisions, in the US domestic market with a term of at least 15 years remaining to final maturity.

Issuer Invesco PowerShares
Expense Ratio 0.28%
Assets Under Management (AUM) 1.52B
Underlying Index BofA Merrill Lynch National Long-Term Core Plus Municipal Securities Index
Asset Class Fixed Income
ETF Category Municipal Bonds ETFs
Net Asset Value (NAV) $25.62
Options? Yes
Total Holdings 370

PZA - Top Holdings

Symbol Holding Name % of Total
794665FU8 Sales Tax Asset Receivable Corp 2.07%
471250MS6 City of Jasper AL 1.60%
45750TAC7 Inland Valley Development Agency 1.36%
759136QN7 Regional Transportation District 1.24%
91802RBN8 Utility Debt Securitization Authority 0.84%
576051PP5 Massachusetts Water Resources Authority 0.83%
91412GJ30 University of California 0.78%
05922KYU7 City of Baltimore MD 0.78%
16772PBW5 Chicago Transit Authority 0.77%
047870LD0 City of Atlanta GA Water & Wastewater Revenue 0.76%
482124RJ5 Jurupa Unified School District 0.73%
7092233H2 Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission 0.71%
914767AA6 University of Oregon 0.61%
040624BB3 State of Arizona Lottery Revenue 0.59%
246352FR4 Delaware River Port Authority 0.59%
575579YU5 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority 0.59%
915200TA7 University of Vermont & State Agricultural College 0.58%
797400KX5 San Diego County Regional Transportation Commission 0.55%
584283FF7 Medford Hospital Facilities Authority 0.53%
663903FN7 Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District 0.52%
677632D99 Ohio State University 0.50%
4952894S6 County of King WA Sewer Revenue 0.45%
235241RV0 Dallas Area Rapid Transit 0.43%
797412CZ4 San Diego County Water Authority Financing Corp 0.42%
59259Y5X3 Metropolitan Transportation Authority 0.41%
472682QJ5 County of Jefferson AL Sewer Revenue 0.41%
088632AU8 Bi-State Development Agency of the Missouri-Illinois Metropo 0.41%
011432AL5 Alamo Regional Mobility Authority 0.40%
74444YAV6 Public Finance Authority 0.39%
12008ELR5 Build NYC Resource Corp 0.38%
170692CK1 County of Christian KY 0.38%
83703FEP3 South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority 0.37%
57582RED4 Commonwealth of Massachusetts 0.33%
438670X48 City & County of Honolulu HI 0.33%
452252LX5 Illinois State Toll Highway Authority 0.32%
593237FQ8 Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency 0.32%
764440GX5 Richmond Joint Powers Financing Authority 0.32%
65830RAK5 North Carolina Turnpike Authority 0.31%
413890DK7 Harris County-Houston Sports Authority 0.31%
745160QC8 Puerto Rico Commonwealth Aqueduct & Sewer Authority 0.30%
414155CA7 Harris County Health Facilities Development Corp 0.29%
17131HCK2 City of Chula Vista CA 0.29%
73358WWY6 Port Authority of New York & New Jersey 0.28%
576000UA9 Massachusetts School Building Authority 0.28%
386442VU8 Grand River Dam Authority 0.28%
882723TC3 State of Texas 0.27%
59333PU30 County of Miami-Dade FL Aviation Revenue 0.26%
207758SM6 State of Connecticut Special Tax Revenue 0.26%
650009G56 New York State Thruway Authority 0.24%
283062BP1 El Dorado Irrigation District / El Dorado County Water Agenc 0.24%
57604TCV6 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Transportation Fund Revenue 0.24%
64972HVS8 New York City Transitional Finance Authority Building Aid Re 0.24%
65819GKX5 North Carolina Capital Facilities Finance Agency 0.24%
724799BF7 Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Co 0.24%
850578TT2 City of Springfield IL Electric Revenue 0.24%
403732DZ0 Gwinnett County Hospital Authority 0.23%
709235UG8 Pennsylvania State University 0.21%
68609BZK6 State of Oregon 0.21%
072024TY8 Bay Area Toll Authority 0.20%
5426903F7 Long Island Power Authority 0.20%
167562QX8 Chicago Midway International Airport 0.20%
155048DK4 Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority 0.20%
98816PBV3 Ysleta Independent School District 0.20%
544495M76 Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Power System Revenue 0.20%
254845MR8 District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority 0.20%
452650HH0 Imperial Irrigation District Electric System Revenue 0.20%
65038HAN1 Newark Housing Authority 0.20%
926055GW8 Victor Valley Union High School District 0.20%
190813ML6 Cobb County Kennestone Hospital Authority 0.20%
65944RCL4 North Fort Bend Water Authority 0.19%
235258KE9 City of Dallas TX 0.19%
88283KAZ1 Central Texas Turnpike System 0.19%
69650QAM2 Palm Beach County Health Facilities Authority 0.19%
801155QF2 Santa Ana Unified School District 0.19%
167727SL1 City of Chicago IL Wastewater Transmission Revenue 0.18%
786107PF3 County of Sacramento CA Airport System Revenue 0.18%
74529JKL8 Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corp Sales Tax Revenue 0.18%
59333NUT8 County of Miami-Dade FL 0.17%
485106QC5 City of Kansas City MO 0.17%
167736WK9 City of Chicago IL Waterworks Revenue 0.17%
362762MN3 Gainesville & Hall County Hospital Authority 0.17%
118688BB5 Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority 0.17%
79766DFF1 San Francisco City & County Airport Comm-San Francisco Inter 0.16%
795576GR2 Salt Lake City Corp Airport Revenue 0.16%
649451DM0 New York Convention Center Development Corp 0.16%
914455QZ6 University of Michigan 0.16%
130179FU3 California Educational Facilities Authority 0.16%
592041WF0 Metropolitan Government Nashville & Davidson County Health & 0.16%
498531KQ4 Klein Independent School District 0.16%
80036RAW0 Sandy Springs Public Facilities Authority 0.16%
7742854G2 Rockwall Independent School District 0.16%
485424QR9 State of Kansas Department of Transportation 0.16%
70917SD59 Pennsylvania Higher Educational Facilities Authority 0.16%
8500005Y2 Spring Independent School District 0.16%
56040PBS6 Maine Educational Loan Authority 0.16%
419800LL9 State of Hawaii Department of Budget & Finance 0.16%
625914GP5 Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska 0.16%
574296AW9 Maryland Stadium Authority 0.16%
546282D35 Louisiana Local Government Environmental Facilities & Commun 0.16%
235036TU4 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport 0.16%
544435K41 City of Los Angeles Department of Airports 0.16%
71883MKD5 City of Phoenix Civic Improvement Corp 0.16%
66272RAD4 North Sumter County Utility Dependent District 0.16%
02765UKQ6 American Municipal Power Inc 0.16%
505480H97 County of Lackawanna PA 0.16%
2512373Z4 City of Detroit MI Sewage Disposal System Revenue 0.15%
837151KK4 South Carolina Public Service Authority 0.15%
593372AB1 City of Miami FL 0.15%
593235GV0 City of Miami Beach FL Parking Revenue 0.15%
71781XCP6 Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development 0.15%
167510AA4 Chicago Board of Education 0.15%
64971WS76 New York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secu 0.14%
66285WSR8 North Texas Tollway Authority 0.14%
798136QD2 City of San Jose CA Airport Revenue 0.14%
87515ECB8 City of Tampa FL 0.14%
454795DW2 Indiana Health & Educational Facilities Financing Authority 0.13%
5178405T7 Las Vegas Valley Water District 0.13%
5446463Y6 Los Angeles Unified School District/CA 0.13%
544525UH9 Los Angeles Department of Water 0.12%
97712DKQ8 Wisconsin Health & Educational Facilities Authority 0.12%
090888GB8 Birmingham Airport Authority 0.12%
3.42815E+83 Florida Municipal Loan Council 0.12%
13068LNV3 California State Public Works Board 0.12%
592190LW0 Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority 0.12%
514045M75 Lancaster County Hospital Authority/PA 0.12%
56042RFJ6 Maine Health & Higher Educational Facilities Authority 0.11%
562334EP3 City of Manchester NH General Airport Revenue 0.11%
074527MS8 Beaumont Independent School District 0.11%
93974CG87 State of Washington 0.11%
167593SV5 Chicago O'Hare International Airport 0.10%
66528PBC1 Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District 0.10%
400653FX4 Guam Power Authority 0.09%
40727RBT4 County of Hamilton OH 0.09%
373511ES9 Georgia Higher Education Facilities Authority 0.09%
584521EF1 Medical Center Hospital Authority 0.09%
57586ECM1 Massachusetts Health & Educational Facilities Authority 0.09%
052476V21 City of Austin TX Water & Wastewater System Revenue 0.08%
83786DFR3 South Fork Municipal Authority 0.08%
511665JP7 City of Lakeland FL 0.08%
246343LJ4 Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission 0.08%
833102ZC3 Snohomish County Public Utility District No 1 0.08%
90059RAX9 Tuscaloosa City Board of Education 0.08%
506486CZ0 Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority 0.08%
650035ZP6 New York State Urban Development Corp 0.08%
186352PZ7 City of Cleveland OH Airport System Revenue 0.08%
59334DGM0 County of Miami-Dade FL Water & Sewer System Revenue 0.08%
54473EQU1 Los Angeles County Public Works Financing Authority 0.08%
882854YK2 Texas Water Development Board 0.08%
13048TP23 California Municipal Finance Authority 0.08%
64966HLJ7 City of New York NY 0.08%
53945CCR9 City of Los Angeles CA Wastewater System Revenue 0.08%
982674KY8 Wyandotte County-Kansas City Unified Government Utility Syst 0.08%
414005WT1 County of Harris TX 0.08%
64986DAW5 New York State Environmental Facilities Corp 0.08%
592481JE6 Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District 0.08%
743600ZS0 Prosper Independent School District 0.08%
010869HJ7 Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority 0.07%
67756AZ47 Ohio Higher Educational Facility Commission 0.07%
798055MT3 San Jacinto River Authority 0.07%
167486ZY8 City of Chicago IL 0.07%
717893WV9 City of Philadelphia PA Water & Wastewater Revenue 0.07%
57583UVL9 Massachusetts Development Finance Agency 0.07%
49127KAY6 Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority 0.07%
62476RAA3 MTA Hudson Rail Yards Trust Obligations 0.07%
64542PAW5 New Hope Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp 0.07%
45200FS34 Illinois Finance Authority 0.07%
24917DAT0 City & County of Denver CO 0.06%
755638UQ4 Reading School District 0.06%
87638QPP8 Tarrant County Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp 0.06%
93978EB27 Washington Health Care Facilities Authority 0.06%
130795UF2 California Statewide Communities Development Authority 0.05%
090929FU9 Alabama Special Care Facilities Financing Authority-Birmingh 0.05%
152339LG0 Centinela Valley Union High School District 0.05%
155498ER5 Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority 0.05%
717817NQ9 City of Philadelphia PA Airport Revenue 0.04%
59333MWN1 School Board of Miami-Dade County 0.04%
944514SW9 Wayne County Airport Authority 0.04%
49225HJV1 County of Kern CA 0.04%
64972GCE2 New York City Water & Sewer System 0.04%
64579FR47 New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority 0.04%
45528S7B6 Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank 0.04%
89602N3B8 Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority 0.04%
64971PJP1 New York City Industrial Development Agency 0.04%
54811BPX3 Lower Colorado River Authority 0.04%
25483VQG2 District of Columbia 0.04%
358229EZ1 City of Fresno CA Sewer System Revenue 0.03%
646136QB0 New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority 0.03%
74514LVU8 Commonwealth of Govt Dev Bk 0.03%
13033LHB6 California Health Facilities Financing Authority 0.03%
735352RF5 City of Port St Lucie FL Utility System Revenue 0.02%
759911G95 Regional Transportation Authority 0.02%
491501EF5 Kentucky Municipal Power Agency 0.01%
44244CJQ1 City of Houston TX Combined Utility System Revenue 0.01%
139372PD2 City of Cape Coral FL Water & Sewer Revenue 0.01%
13062TH80 State of California 0.01%
6499032B6 New York State Dormitory Authority 0.01%
770084GG0 Roanoke Economic Development Authority 0.00%
13077C5Q3 California State University 0.00%

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Current price $25.58
Prev. close $25.64
Day low $25.58
Day high $25.63
52-week high $26.37
52-week low $24.41
Day Volume 57,253
Avg. volume 311,681
Dividend yield 3.27%

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1-mo 0.22%
3-mo 2.88%
6-mo 4.14%
1-year 0.34%
3-year 13.94%
5-year 19.13%
YTD 4.66%
2016 0.82%
2015 3.94%
2014 15.31%
2013 -7.14%
2012 9.80%

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