3 Signs a Market Sell-Off Is Coming Soon (SPY, QQQ, DIA)

Legendary traders are purported to make enormous profits based on nothing more than their instincts and the voices in their head. There are maybe five such superstars in the world and four of them are probably honest about it.   Those of us not blessed with

Mozart-level trading skills are best served by coming up with a finite number of objective measures to inform our decisions to buy or sell a stock or index. It’s not enough to “feel” bearish or think the end of the free money era will spell doom for the markets. Whether it’s a panicked crash or top, the best moments to buy or sell positions are emotional. The traders who profit are those best prepared and capable of stripping out their emotions.   Which brings us to talented trader and all-around good egg Gary B. Smith of thechartman.com who joins me in the attached clip with his 3 reasons to expect a market decline and what he plans to do in the off-chance he’s wrong.  

Three Headwinds:

  1. Too many stocks over their 40-day moving averages
  2. Stocks have been going straight up for 3 months
  3. Market darlings are overbought

See the full “Breakout” segment below:

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