3 Tech Investing Strategies To Ride This Market [Gilead Sciences, Inc., SPDR S&P Semiconductor (ETF)]

strategyMichael Robinson: Back on Feb. 21, in the report “My ‘Sominex Strategy’ for Big Profit in This Rocky Market,” I explained why I was projecting an exceptionally volatile stretch for tech stocks.

And I even showed you the investment strategy to use to traverse it.

I did all this for one reason: I just knew that a strong tech rebound would follow. And the investors who stayed in the game would cash in big when that resurgence began.

I’m relating this story for one reason: This “new tech wave” we predicted has begun.

And today I’m going to show you exactly how to ride this rebound for maximum profit…

No Dozing Here

When you’re in the investing business – as a fund manager, analyst, cable TV pundit, or (as I am) a newsletter writer – it’s all about “making a call.”

You might refer to it as “making a prediction.”

And when a person in my business “makes a call” – about a stock, a sector, or even an entire market – there’s nothing more satisfying than being right.

It’s not about the “bragging rights” (well, OK, maybe a little bit…). For me, making a call that plays out just as I projected is gratifying, because I know that I helped all of you.

And I intend to keep helping you.

So let’s quickly review my Feb. 21 “call,” see how it’s actually playing out, and then move on to a strategy and some stock recommendations that will let you cash in… big.

In the Feb. 21 “Sominex Strategy” report, I acknowledged tech stocks were being whipsawed and said it was understandably scary. But I also said I was expecting a rebound and warned folks to hold the line, noting:

“When we reach the end of this year, I believe that the tech investors who stayed in the market will see that they’ve been rewarded for their courage, while those who spent 2014 on the sidelines will be penalized for their caution.”

The tech-sector rebound is playing out just as I predicted. And the Wall Street pros and financial journalists are starting to notice.

Tech stocksEarlier this week, in fact, in a report headlined “Charting the Nasdaq’s Technical Breakout,”MarketWatch ran through a series of charts illustrating the strong recovery being made by the tech-centric stock index.

I was already at work on an investing strategy – complete with stock picks – that would let you ride and profit from the rebirth of the tech sector. But when I spotted this MarketWatch piece, I knew I had to “put a rush” on it and get the strategy into your hands.

We referred to the last plan as our “Sominex Strategy” – underscoring the importance of embracing a strategy that would keep you invested, while still allowing you to sleep at night.

To have a little fun – and to underscore how important it is to wake up and not miss this tech-sector rebound – we’ve dubbed this strategy as our “No Doz Plan for Cashing In on the Tech-Stock Rebound.”

So let’s look at it. And let’s first start by reviewing the “state of the tech sector” – and the Nasdaq Composite Index. Then I’m going to share three tech stocks to help you reap maximum profit from this rebound…

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