AdvisorShares Plans Asset Allocation Fund, Javelin Set To Re-Enter ETF Market (DBIZ)

Stoyan Bojinov: Earnings season may be taking center stage on Wall Street, but activity on the product development front has also been picking up steam. Today alone, three new products have hit the street, including an emerging markets corporate bond ETF from industry veteran iShares; also added to the product lineup are the new cost-efficient MLP ETF from Global X as well as a China Trendpilot ETN from RBS. AdvisorShares and Javelin are also planning to beef up their list of offering with plans to launch an asset allocation fund and valued-focused ETF respectively.

AdvisorShares, best known for its diverse lineup of actively-managed ETFs, will be the issuer behind the proposed fund from Pring Turner Capital Group [see SEC Filing]:

  • Pring Turner Dow Jones Business Cycle ETF (NYSEARCA:DBIZ): This product seeks long-term total return from capital appreciation and income. DBIZ will utilize proprietary business cycle research to proactively change the underlying asset and sector allocations in an effort to minimize downside and optimize returns throughout all sorts of market conditions. The fund will feature allocations to stocks and bonds, as well as commodities [see also Cheapskate Hedge Fund ETFdb Portfolio ETFdb Pro Members Only].
Javelin Investment Management is making strides to re-enter the ETF market following the closing of its JETS Contrarian Opportunities Fund last year [see SEC Filing]:

  • JETS Deep Value Index Fund: This ETF will seek to replicate the price and yield performance of the Dow Jones Deep Value Index. “Deep Value” investing refers to a strategy that seeks to identify and invest in fundamentally sound companies that are relatively undervalued due to short-term, non-recurrent reasons. In other words, this ETF will look to invest in historically strong and stable companies that been underperforming in recent years. This ETF will also employ a filter to weed out companies with unattractive financial ratios as well as abnormally high levels of debt.

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