AdvisorShares Set To Launch The Global Alpha & Beta ETF (RRGR)

AdvisorShares, a leading sponsor of actively managed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), announced today that the Global Alpha & Beta ETF (NYSE: RRGR) will open for trading on Wednesday, July 11, 2012.  RRGR is sub-advised by Your Source Financial, a Phoenix, AZ-based investment advisor.  Roger Nusbaum, Chief Investment Officer of Your Source Financial, seasoned veteran in ETF analysis and well-known market commentator through his “Random Roger” financial blog will serve as the portfolio manager of RRGR.

RRGR employs a broadly diversified global asset allocation strategy seeking to outperform diversified financial indices such as a 60/40 allocation to the S&P 500 Index and the Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index, while providing lower volatility and reduced risk.  The new actively managed ETF utilizes a top-down investment perspective that focuses on proprietary security and asset class selection by primarily selecting individual stocks, ETFs, and American Depository Receipts (ADRs) that provide investment exposure to global markets.  RRGR also will tactically add defensive investments using technical indicators such as the 200-day moving average of the S&P 500 Index and an inverted yield curve as big picture gauges to hedge against downward trending markets.

Roger Nusbaum, Portfolio Manager of RRGR, said, “As a top down-portfolio manager, we are continuously analyzing sector and market conditions within today’s global economy to select our various holdings, and to properly determine if our positioning is best utilized as being in or out of specific markets.  By employing our broad and diversified investment approach within the transparency and efficiency of an actively managed ETF, we strive to benefit shareholders with a clearer and smoother ride throughout varying economic and market cycles.”

Noah Hamman, CEO of AdvisorShares, said, “We happily welcome RRGR and its global asset allocation strategy to our alternative line-up, providing financial advisors and investors another attractive investment option with the first actively managed ETF to utilize both individual securities and ETFs to enhance a well-diversified portfolio. As followers of Roger Nusbaum’s work can attest, his unique and thorough approach will undoubtedly provide a compelling offering within a transparent and cost-efficient actively managed ETF.  We believe RRGR is an excellent complement to our broadly diversified suite of actively managed ETFs.”

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About AdvisorShares

AdvisorShares is one of the leading providers of actively managed ETFs.  As of 7/1/2012 AdvisorShares offers 14 active ETFs with approximately $605,000,000 of assets under management, including:

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Before investing you should carefully consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other information is in the prospectus, a copy of which may be obtained by visiting the Fund’s website at Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest.

Foreside Fund Services, LLC, distributor.

There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its investment objective.  An investment in the Fund is subject to risk, including the possible loss of principal amount invested.  Other Fund risks include equity risk, investment risk, market risk and trading risk.  The Fund will be subject to the risks associated with the Underlying ETFs’ investments such as concentration risk, counterparty risk, credit risk, emerging markets risk, foreign currency and securities risks and tracking error risk. Newly organized, the Fund has no trading history and there can be no assurance that active trading markets will be developed or maintained.

The S&P 500 Index is a broad-based, unmanaged measurement of changes in stock market conditions based on the average of 500 widely held common stocks. The Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index measures the performance of the U.S. investment grade bond market. One cannot invest directly in an index. An American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is a negotiable U.S. security that generally represents a company’s publicly traded equity or debt. A 200-Day Moving Average is a technical indicator used by traders to determine a stock or index’s closing average over the last 200 consecutive trading days, in an effort to discover changes in a trend. The Yield Curve is a graph that plots the yields of similar-quality bonds against their maturities, ranging from shortest to longest. An Inverted Yield Curve is when the yields on bonds with a shorter duration are higher than the yields on bonds that have a longer duration. Alpha is the premium an investment earns above a certain benchmark. Beta is the measure of a fund’s relative volatility as compared to the S&P 500 Index.

Shares are bought and sold at market price (closing price) not net asset value (NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the Fund.  Market price returns are based on the midpoint of the bid/ask spread at 4:00 pm Eastern Time (when NAV is normally determined) and do not represent the return you would receive if you traded at other times.

Press Contact: Ryan Graham AdvisorShares 202-684-6442 [email protected]

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