AdvisorShares To Begin Trading The Accuvest Global Opportunities ETF Thursday, January 26th

AdvisorShares will begin trading its new “Accuvest Global Opportunities ETF” (NYSEArca:ACCU) Thursday, January 26, 2012. The Accuvest Global Opportunities ETF (the “Fund”) seeks long-term capital appreciation in excess of global equity benchmarks such as the MSCI All Country World Index.

TOTAL ANNUAL FUND OPERATING EXPENSES: 1.78% (The Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses in this fee table may not correlate to the expense ratios in the Fund’s financial highlights (and the Fund’s financial statements) because the financial highlights include only the Fund’s direct operating expenses and do not include Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses)


The Fund is a “fund-of-funds” that seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in other exchange-traded funds (the “Underlying ETFs”). Accuvest Global Advisors (the “Sub-Advisor”) seeks to achieve the Fund’s investment objective by investing in Underlying ETFs that provide diversified exposure to select economies around the world.  The Sub-Advisor ranks countries on a monthly basis using its proprietary country ranking model in order to determine their relative attractiveness. The Sub-Advisor then endeavors to invest in Underlying ETFs, which may be both affiliated and unaffiliated with the Fund, that individually or in combination correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the specific countries (or regions) identified as most attractive by the model.  The Sub-Advisor believes that attractive returns can only be achieved by actively structuring portfolios distinct from simply tracking market indices.  As a result, the Fund’s portfolio will be invested only in countries with the highest rankings as identified by the Sub-Advisor’s proprietary country ranking process.

For the complete prospectus click: HERE

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