After Correction, MLPs Attractive Again [Halliburton Company, Baker Hughes Incorporated, Alerian MLP]

That, in turn, is making investors take a second look at energy stocks across the board.

Another positive for sector sentiment: The mega-deal in which Halliburton (HAL) will buy Baker Hughes (BHI) for $34.6 billion. That’s igniting speculation about other potential energy company takeovers. We’ve already seen some in the MLP sector, and I bet more are coming … ahem … down the pipeline.

So if you’re looking for income, and you’re sick of getting paid Jack Squat in Treasuries, take another look at MLPs. They’re cheaper than they were a few months ago, they’re less volatile than they were a few weeks ago, and they’re among the most attractive yield plays I see in the marketplace!

Mike LarsonWritten By Mike Larson From Money And Markets

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