America On Verge Of Communist Takeover, Says Former Castro Revolutionary

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: In an eye-opening interview from TruNews Radio, former Fidel Castro revolutionary Julio Lara explains the eery parallels between the days of the Communist Revolution in Cuba of 1953-9 and the lead up to the social and political upheaval witnessed post 9/11 in the United States.

His book, American Apocalypse, How to Stop the Destruction of Liberty, brings together decades of his personal awareness campaign of the methods used by Communists to incrementally subvert the principles of liberty upon an unsuspecting nation of free people and turn them into willing workers of the State.

“I’ve spent 49 years combating Communism,” Lara began his plea to listeners of TruNews.  “I’m not new at this.  I’ve spent almost all my life in this struggle, a battle, against them, because I know how cruel they are.  I know how they work, and I always saw how I could be very useful.”

Lara continued to tell TruNews host Rick Wiles that he sees the American version of Communist revolutionaries about to make their move to shutdown the remaining pretensions of a constitutional republic in the U.S., and warns that unless more Americans take action against the coming plot, Communism will replace democracy in the U.S.  Lara also believes that U.S. President Barack Obama is merely a front man for other more powerful people who have become entrenched throughout the years within Washington’s ‘elite’ circle.

If Lara’s knowledge, experience and instincts are correct, Obama’s circle of friends are plotting their next move now, knowing that it is most likely that a second term and golden opportunity to turn disarray, brought on by the global financial crisis, into a political overthrow may be lost for good.

“If he [President Obama] decides not to leave the White House, he would do something before the election in a way the he got a chance to the . . . how do they call it . . . the martial law,” Lara said.  “If they can put the martial law in effect, then we don’t have elections.  That’s a possibility.

The former Cuban military officer who served under Castro’s right-hand man Che Guevara suggests that the days leading up to the November U.S. presidential election could be that golden opportunity for Mr. Obama to possibly attempt martial law to solidify decades of Communist indoctrination and propaganda taught in U.S. public schools and universities, which were cleverly repackaged and relabeled as post-WWII liberal democratic principles.

“I’ve been hurt in this country [U.S.] for a long time ago,” Lara began to recount his experience with the U.S. public school system.  “In the 80s, when my kids start to go to their school and I start to help them in their homework, I start to see that the same doctrine they use[d] on me was in my kids’ curriculum.”

But when Lara confronted the principal of the school, he said the administration look upon him as a “crazy”, and told TruNews listeners how the experience of being rebuffed “was very painful” for him for many years afterward.

But from that experience, Lara knew back then that the process of a Communist takeover had already begun in the U.S.—first by fooling the masses into thinking that the principles of Communism are in their best interest through the use of government-sponsored propaganda classroom material, then by waiting for an opportunity to walk into power during times of crisis.  Decades of indoctrination would therefore not necessitate an army of soldiers to overthrow a government, according to Lara.  In fact, he said, it took only 500 men to overthrow the American-backed Fulgencio Bastita government in Cuba in 1959.

“That’s how the Communists work; they brainwash the masses, and when the masses are ready to be take[n] over it’s a very little effort to overturn the government and send the country down,”  Lara explained.

And the U.S. has entered that period of danger, according to him.

“If we lose the next election, we’ve lost America.  That’s how close we are” to a Communist overthrow of the United States.

However, if there is no false-flag attack or other emergency condition that could destabilize the American people enough to attempt a soft coup, Lara doesn’t see Obama winning a second term.

“I have no doubt in my mind that they are going to lose the election, if they go to the election,” he said.  “And I think they know that already, if they have a fair election.”

If Obama somehow retains the executive branch, Lara believes the next move in the process of a Communist overthrow of Washington will come from increasing the number of Americans dependent upon food.  Today, 46 million American receive food stamps from Washington, but complete control of the farms is the next step in the Communist playbook for non-violent political control.  More Americans must be dependent upon government for their food, according to Lara.

“They’ve been buying farms.  The agriculture industry is almost eliminated,” he said.  “If you watch very close, they are deteriorating, dying; they don’t have enough money, so many laws, so many stuff that will drive the farm industry out of business.

“That’s how they control the masses.  Let me tell you, when you don’t have gas, your only means of transportation is a bike, and you have to pay for the food, you are in their hands.  Complete.”

Interestingly enough, a dollar crisis may be just what the Communists in Washington have planned all along as the tool for social chaos.  Rapid inflation by way of a currency crisis immediately affects food and energy prices.

“The first thing that we have to be aware [of], they want to create a problem with the fuel,” Lara explained.  “When we don’t have oil to run, we don’t have gas to go places, we are right there.  There’s not much we can do, and if you don’t have gas to go places, and if you don’t have food to eat, what else you [can you] do <inaudible>?”

During a crisis (such as one created from a rapidly declining currency), the public becomes desperate for basic necessities, such as food and energy.  Lara speculates that that’s how the Obama Administration plans on growing dependency upon centralized government power.  Either a collapse in the dollar, or some other incident (attack of Iran?), would provide the needed cover to easily turn the U.S. into a Communist nanny state of dependent citizens.

Rick Wiles asked Lara if creating more dependency upon Washington is the plan for a hypothetical Obama second term before a soft coup could be attempted.

“Right.  That’s how they’re planning to do it, and this probably what I believe they’re going to do first,” he said.  “They want to try to . . . that’s why they are tolerating so much and they are not saying anything about what we do or nothing is because they are considering right now what the next step is going to be, how they want to do.

“I believe they that they made mistake with the Wall Street movement and they are right now, like a stuck, and they don’t know what to do.  Some people are putting a lot of pressure on Obama to take over, because six months ago that America was already ripe for takeover.”

The coming months leading up to the election are “critical,” he said.

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