Amnesty: A Death Knell For The American Economy?

economyThe United States of America is a nation of immigrants. In fact, it has often been called a melting pot because of its ability to blend together the very best qualities of her citizens, and become stronger because of it.

America welcomes people from all nations to emigrate here, in a lawful manner, and bring their talents, skills and dreams for the future with them. Since her birth, millions of people have chosen to make America their home, and have taken the legal path to do so. These millions have built businesses, raised families and contributed financially to this country they love by paying their fair share of taxes and becoming productive, proud Americans.

With the Stroke of a Pen

On Thursday, November 20, 2014, President Barack H. Obama signed an executive order that inflicted a serious blow to the citizens of this country with an act that some are calling that of an imperialist president.

This executive order put into place an amnesty plan for illegal aliens, similar to ones that he had failed to get congress or the voting public to accept earlier in his presidency, through legal, constitutional channels. Although the order applies to some five million illegal immigrants, it creates a legal snafu that now make deportation extremely difficult to implement for millions more.

The True Cost of Amnesty

Not only is the president’s executive order disturbing for its legal issues, many believe it is also very frightening in economic terms. A November 23, 2014 article from the Daily Caller news site places the cost of amnesty for four million illegal immigrants in the neighborhood of some forty billion dollars per year, for the next fifty years. When this number is multiplied by the true number of illegal aliens who will be able to stay in this country due to President Obama’s executive action, this number becomes even more frightening.

Because most of the illegal immigrants affected by this action are not sufficiently educated to find high paying jobs, most will continue to be subsidized through the federal government for many years, or even their entire lives. Food, education, healthcare and housing dollars will be directed towards these newcomers, making an influx of this magnitude financially uncomfortable, if not impossible, for a country already dealing with massive debt and poor economic policies.

How Will Amnesty Affect American Citizens?

When President Ronald Reagan agreed to sign the congressional bill that came to be know as the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, the labor market experienced immediate effects. While most of the immigrants covered under that act started out as low paid farm workers, within a decade, all but four percent had moved upward in the labor force. This move had a lasting and profound affect on many segments of the labor market, particularly higher paying construction jobs.

The current American job market is not healthy, and it has not been healthy for several years. In fact, the President’s executive order will certainly place a strain on the market, with the potential to edge out many American citizens, some of whom have been struggling to find employment in recent years.

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