Amnesty: A Death Knell For The American Economy?

In addition, the President’s amnesty order will mean stiffer competition for food, healthcare, housing, education and other subsidies from federal government programs for the poor. These programs are not keeping up with demand now, and adding several million more people to their rolls may well break the back of our weak and struggling economy.

What Will an Imperialistic President Do Next?

With the president now adamant about using his executive pen to out-vote congress and his constituents, how long will it be before he chooses to move ahead to other areas of the constitution? With two more years at the helm, the damages could be immense.Every American should ask themselves these key questions:

  • Is your financial future safe if the executive pen is used against traditional investments?
  • Are electronic assets safe during an economic crisis?
  • What will happen to your savings if the market crashes?
  • Can you provide for your family in truly chaotic economic times?

Gold, silver and commodities are the only things that will hold their value when the economy becomes overburdened and free falls. Take care of your family and their future as chaos unfolds, buy gold now.

By ETF Daily News

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