Apple Inc. (AAPL): Consumers Not Yet Sold On Idea Of Apple Watch

Rumor: New, Thinner 12-Inch MacBook Air May Debut Early in 2015

According to a rumor from Taiwan, early next year, Apple will start producing a 12-inch MacBook Air that will be thinner and lighter than the current models. The rumor originated on the Digitimes website, which has a mixed record for the accuracy of its past rumors.

Invesco Powershares QQQ

If you would like to invest in AAPL while also diversifying your portfoilio, consider an ETF such as QQQ, which tracks the NASDAQ-100 index. AAPL is currently the largest holding in QQQ’s portfolio, accounting for 13.55 percent of its holdings. The fund’s market price has increased 13.80 percent year-to-date.

By Diana Primavera, ETF Daily News

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