Apple Inc. (AAPL): Everything You Need To Know

need to knowIt was Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) big week with its annual iPhone unveiling, but investors weren’t particularly impressed with the new models. The biggest concern was how Apple decided to price the iPhone 5c. The company risks missing out on all the growth in the low-end and mid-range market segments by using the same pricing strategy.

The headline feature of an integrated fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s has some serious potential, though. Other companies have tried to incorporate similar technology but failed to make a lasting impact on the market. Apple has an opportunity to execute on this vision thanks to its integrated approach.

In the following video, Chris Hill discusses Apple’s unveiling with Evan Niu, CFA, and Jamal Carnette.

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Top 10 Holdings 67.1% of Total Assets as of 8/19/2013
Company Symbol % Assets
Apple Inc. AAPL 15.20
Microsoft Corporation MSFT 10.51
Google Inc. GOOG 9.59
International Business Machines IBM 8.18
Cisco Systems, Inc. CSCO 5.48
Intel Corporation INTC 5.03
Oracle Corporation Common Stock ORCL 4.65
QUALCOMM Incorporated QCOM 4.39
EMC Corporation Common Stock EMC 2.07
Hewlett-Packard Company Common HPQ 2.00

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