Apple Inc. (AAPL) Falls Behind The Competition In Customer Satisfaction

satisfaction surveyIn years past, one of technology giant Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) strong suits was thought to be customer satisfaction. Despite the fact that their desktop and laptop computers range from several hundred to several thousand dollars more than the competition, they have always been rated very highly as a company when it comes to customer service.

Though the company itself was seen as something as a niche producer of electronic equipment for many years, its customer satisfaction ratings exploded in the early part of the 21st century at around the same time as its overall popularity (and its stock price).

The tables seem to have turned, however, as Apple has been rated behind competitors like Sony (NYSE:SNE), Samsung (OTCMKTS:SSNLF) and even Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) in a very important customer experience survey.

The survey, conducted by the Wall Street Journal, asked questions of 7500 different customers about their overall retail experiences.

Customers were asked a wide variety of different questions and were required to detail experiences that they were both pleased and unsatisfied with. (Related: Apple Inc. (AAPL): Profiting During High Inflation)

All of the information that the customers gave during the survey was compiled to assign each company on the list a customer-experience score on an index, allowing the customer satisfaction rates of all companies to be compared against one another.

The scores ranged in categories from “Excellent,” “Good” and “Okay” on a scale from one to 100.

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