Apple Inc. (AAPL) Stock Plunges On Lousy Report

apple inc.Tyler Durden:  Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is important. Perhaps the most important company not only for the Dow Jones, but because it also happens to be the largest company by market cap, in the world. As such nobody will be happy that moments ago AAPL reported results which were in a word, lousy.

It wasn’t so much the earnings, because the EPS of $1.85 was a modest beat of expectations of $1.81, while revenues also beat consensus of $49.4 billion fractionally, printing at $49.6 billion; the margin also beat slightly coming at 39.7% above the exp. 39.5%.

The problem was in the detail, with 47.5 million iPhone shipments missing expectations by 1.3 million units, even as both iPad (whose ASP came at $415 below the $426 expected), and Mac units coming in as expected.

But the biggest surprise was in China, where as we warned previously, the Apple euphoria appears to have ended with a bang, with greater China sales tumbling by 21% from $16.8 billion to $13.2 billion. And keep in mind this was in the quarter when the Composite was hitting multi year highs, and the July crash was not even on the horizon.

As for the cherry on top it was the company’s guidance which now sees Q4 revenue at $49-$51 billion, or below the $51.1 bn consensus estimate, with the CFO adding that the strong USD is finally getting to the company, warning that Apple “faced a difficult foreign exchange environment.”

And all this happened in a quarter in which AAPL bought back $10 billion of its own stock.

The above in charts:



Unit shipments:


Geographic breakdown:




Finally, AAPL’s net cash (excluding steadily rising debt) remains flat:


As expected, there was no mention of either the iWatch or Apple TV. Or a new buyback.

* * *

And here, from the WSJ, is a reminder why AAPL is so very crucial to not only the tech sector,

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