Barclays To Begin Trading The Barclays ETN S&P VEQTOR ETN (VQT) Tomorrow September 1st.

Barclays is set to begin trading the “Barclays ETN S&P VEQTOR ETN” (NYSE:VQT) tomorrow September 1. The Barclays ETN+ S&P 500 Dynamic VEQTOR ETN is a compliment to the existing iPath VXX and VXZ ETNs, the VEQTOR ETN tracks an index that seeks to provide a dynamic allocation to the notional investments in equity volatility and cash, increasing equity exposure during periods of high market volatility. The index also incorporates a “stop loss” mechanism that shifts the entire value of the index to a cash investment under certain exceptional circumstances.


  • The VEQTOR ETN seeks to provide investors with broad market exposure with an implied volatility hedge by allocating between equity, volatility and cash
  • The VEQTOR ETN allows investors to receive packaged exposure to the equity and volatility of the S&P 500 Index in a dynamic framework.

For full information on the fund click: HERE

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