Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX) Could Run Up As High As $44 A Share

gold600X300: Gold miners have taken a beating this year, and Barrick Gold Corporation (USA)(NYSE:ABX)  may be one of the biggest losers, so far. The company has never been known for managing its cash or resources well or, for that matter, being investor friendly. It has a history of being too aggressive in its growth efforts and having too many underperforming assets that are too spread out.

But Barrick is not alone in this category. The whole industry is known for the same wild expansion moves, being unable to translate high gold prices into returns and just bad management.

That is all changing at Barrick. The new CEO was quoted in a recent Barron’s article saying the company has gotten the message and will be more investor oriented, more disciplined in capital spending, and more focused on cost control, return on investment and free cash flow.

That alone is great news, but analysts feel this stock could run up as high as

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