Behind The Surge In Solar ETFs

The ETF is relatively illiquid in nature, trading in a small volume of 2,600 shares a day. Still, KWT is up 73.8% year-to-date and has increased 74.1% over the period of one year (3 Top Performing Energy ETFs in Focus Now).

On the other hand, TAN has a larger asset base of $213.1 million with 29 stocks. Hanergy Solar Group ltd, First Solar Inc (NASDAQ:FSLR) and Trina Solar LTD occupy the first three positions in the fund.
The ETF is heavily concentrated in the technology sector, while small and mid cap stocks dominate from a cap perspective. The product trades in a good volume of more than 333,421 shares a day. The fund charges 70 bps in fees and expenses.

TAN has emerged as a top performing non-leveraged ETF after several years of dreadful performance. TAN has not only reached its all-time high but has exceeded it.

Bottom line

Solar energy refers to energy released by the sun which is converted into electricity. Although this energy accounts for a very small portion of the energy market, it has made successful gains in the financial world.

In fact, in years to come, solar ETFs could turn out to be a good alternative energy investment. This is especially true if the current positive trends continue, with both technological innovation and oil prices remaining firm.

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