Best ETFs Tap Singular Theme (Let’s Build Stuff!)

buildingAlthough our markets began to climb alongside the improved news in financials, the best ETFs over the last 3 months revolve around metals and materials used to build things. Here are the 5 best ETFs (excluding financials) on a rolling 3-month basis:

Best Non-Financial ETFs Over 3 Months (2/27/09-3/26/09)
                                                                    % Gain
Claymore China Real Estate     (TAO)               79%
Market Vectors Steel                (SLX)                69%
Claymore Global Timber           (CUT)               68%
SPDR Metals and Mining           (XME)               56%
First Trust Materials                 (FXZ)                56%

The implications here are twofold. One, the companies involved in the production, extraction and transportation of basic materials as well as industrial metals and lumber have collectively seen their share prices surge. Two, we can credit China’s infrastructure stimulus package in addition to the Chinese consumer.

For all of the talk about rebuilding U.S. infrastructure, only 5% of our stimulus package is going to these efforts. China? Some $300 billion of the $600 billion

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