Billionaire Warns Of Total Collapse End Game Scenario; Your Money Will Be Worthless

But what about people with retirement funds, money market accounts or other dollar-based investments?

The way Civelli explains it, even in a collapse scenario business will continue to happen. It’s knowing which assets to hold that becomes the challenge. During the Great Depression, as Roosevelt forced Americans to give up their physical gold, precious metals mining companies exploded in value. Carlo Civelli notes that there are always opportunities available in the resource markets so long as you follow what he has dubbed “The Three P’s.”

So obviously there is a big market out there. The big guys are buying up the smaller ones, which is far easier now than to go out and drill themselves. And that will continue also into 2015, also in the oil industry.

Now, my ideas have always been, and this is an old saying in the market, that the “three p’s” have to be correct. In other words, the price of the stock, the project itself, and the people behind it. That’s the three p’s.

While a total collapse is going to wipe out many companies in the future, especially those whose business is focused on America’s consumption economy of electronics and other widgets, those that provide essential resources like food, oil, and metal ore such as Civelli’s latest venture capital project Callinex Mines will thrive.

We are very quickly approaching the total collapse scenario described by Civelli. The consequences of government machinations and central bank manipulations cannot be avoided. Average Americans, billionaires around the world, and even many politicians know this is a foregone conclusion.

It’s time to prepare for the inevitable.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Mac Slavo.

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