Busting The Gold ETF Myth

There are always people who simply love trafficking in paranoia, conspiracy theories have always existed and will always exist. Whenever any institution gets large enough to single-handedly affect a given market, conspiracy theorists rush in to suggest sinister motives about it. Conspericies run rampant about the physically backed ETFs for gold, and other precious metals. Theorists surmise that Gold ETFs are nothing more than a vehicle designed to use stock-investor capital to short physical gold and that gold ETFs (SGOL), (GLD), don’t actually hold physical gold, or not as much as they contend that they do.

Will Rhind, head of U.S. operations for ETF Securities, sat down with Alix Steel to dispel some of these rumors. Will defends physically backed gold ETFs and why they’re a safe place to put your money to get exposure to gold prices. Will explains how there is always enough gold to cover investor inflows, independent audit questions and more. See Alex’s video below for the full explanation.

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