(Canada) Claymore Launches First Ever Inverse Government of Canada Bond ETF

Claymore Investments, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) in Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of the Claymore Inverse 10 Yr Government Bond ETF (CIB:TSX).

The Claymore Inverse 10 Yr Government Bond ETF has been designed to replicate the inverse (opposite) of the daily total return before fees, expenses, and transaction costs of the 10 Year Government of Canada Bond on a non-leveraged basis (1:1 ratio of the assets to notional exposure).

“As we eventually move into a rising rate environment in Canada, investors will need tools to help manage their fixed income exposure for both the near and long term.” said Som Seif, President & CEO of Claymore Investments, Inc. “The Claymore Inverse 10 Yr Government Bond ETF is a tool for investors who are looking to hedge against potential effects of rising interest rates, without necessarily having to sell their current bond investments. This launch is part of our commitment to provide intelligent, low cost, and efficient investment solutions for investors.”

The 10 Year Government of Canada Bond means any bond(s) issued by the Government of Canada (exclusive of any Crown Corporations, Provincial bonds or Municipal bonds) consisting of semi-annual pay fixed rate bonds denominated in Canadian dollars originally issued at 10 year auctions, with an effective term to maturity of 8 – 10 1/2 years, a credit rating of at least BBB and minimum issue size of $3.5 billion.

About Claymore Investments, Inc.

Claymore Investments, Inc. is a leader in bringing intelligent, low cost exchange-traded funds in Canada through its family of 26 ETFs and 2 closed-end funds across broad asset classes including core equity, global sectors, fixed income and commodities. Claymore Investments, Inc., which, as at March 31, 2009 had approximately $4.5 billion in assets under management, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Claymore Group, Inc., a financial services and asset management company based in the Chicago, Illinois area. In aggregate, Claymore Group Inc. and its affiliates have approximately 175 employees providing supervisory, management, or servicing on approximately US$15.9 billion in assets as of March 31, 2010.

For further information about any of the Claymore funds or Claymore Investments, Inc., please contact your IIROC registered financial advisor or visit our website at www.claymoreinvestments.ca

Commissions, management fees and expenses may be associated with an investment in an exchange-traded fund (“ETF”). Investors should consider the investment objectives and policies, risk considerations, charges and ongoing expenses of an ETF before investing. The Claymore Inverse 10 Yr Government Bond ETF is very different from most other exchange-traded funds. It does not and should not be expected to return the inverse (i.e. -100%) of the return of the 10 Year Government of Canada Bond over any period of time other than daily. Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest. For a copy of the prospectus or more information, please contact an authorized securities representative or Claymore Investments, Inc.

For further information: For media inquiries, please contact: Dan Rubin, Vice-President, Marketing, (416) 813-2018, [email protected] -or- Som Seif, President and CEO, Claymore Investments, Inc., (866) 417-4640, [email protected], www.claymoreinvestments.ca


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