Capitalism, The Internet, And The Rebirth Of The Entrepreneur

inflationJeff Nielson: Ideologies are extremely slippery concepts. Indeed, they have become (intentionally) categories of quasi-religious dogma which sabotage thought more than they communicate thinking. It is for this reason that the dogma of all these ideological zealots rarely finds its way into any of these commentaries.

Today’s subject, however, is one where it is impossible to fully explore it without spending some time wallowing in this dogma, specifically the ideology known as “capitalism”. In fact, this discussion is also an ideal means of exposing how/why all of these idiot-ideologies are almost completely intellectually bankrupt as vehicles of analysis.

We see one example of the fraud of these ideologies when we note, historically, that we have seen the rise of two virtually opposite models of economic development, but where both have been filed under the (meaningless) label of “capitalism”. One of these models of so-called capitalism is the entrepreneurial model. We saw this form of “capitalism” demonstrated, in its purest form, in the entrepreneur-based economy of the United States, in (primarily) the 19th century.

In this manifestation of so-called capitalism, the mantra is simple. Every man (and working woman) seeks to “be his own boss”. (Mere) employment is seen as nothing more than a means of apprenticing and/or acquiring the necessary experience to then become one’s own boss. Let’s call this “small-c” capitalism. It was a highly egalitarian model, and also an extremely prosperous one, as demonstrated by the rapid rise of the U.S. economy during its entrepreneurial era.

In contrast to this; we have the other model of so-called capitalism: the factory model, originally pioneered in (where else?) Germany. In this model of “capitalism”; societies are class-divided into two groups: the (factory) owners, and the (factory) workers. Along with this, we see a sycophantic, pseudo-aristocracy: doctors, lawyers, economists, and other so-called “professionals”, who rigidly and enthusiastically support this two-tiered society, since they are in the top tier, themselves.

Most-important amongst these sycophants are the charlatan economists, since they are the frauds whose dogma supposedly “explains” and justifies this industrial feudalism. There can be no doubt here, nor any distinction between the so-called “Keynesians” and “Austrians”. Both camps are shameless elitists, who unequivocally endorse such two-tiered societies. Let’s call this “big-C” Capitalism.

In the Capitalist model of these charlatan sycophants; the workers are not even considered to be “people” (or citizens). Rather, they are referred to as “wage units”. And according to the dogma of both camps of these charlatans; in the ideal economy we would see “a stable wage unit”.

Translation? The real wages (and standard of living) of the workers (the vast majority) never rises. Instead, all of the benefits/prosperity produced by the labors of the workers is divvied-up by the “people” at the top: the factory Oligarchs, and their sycophants.

What happens any time that the Workers see any actual (real dollar) gain in their wages – and thus their standard of living? Both the Keynesian charlatans and the Austrian charlatans call this “wage inflation”, and preach that this is an unequivocal evil; something which must be immediately stamped-out, via anti-worker economic policies from our puppet governments.

We see this demonstrated most-frequently whenever the subject of “raising the minimum wage” is discussed, and all of these ideological sock-puppets spout their (mathematically flawed) dogma of why this is such a bad idea. The percentage of economists who preach anything other than this shameless elitism is statistically insignificant.

This is also reflected in empirical/financial terms by what we see taking place, every day, in our own feudalistic economies. Every day; life for those on top gets better and better (and at a rate never before seen in our societies). Every day; life for the vast majority on the bottom gets worse and worse, also (collectively) at a pace never before seen in our once-egalitarian societies. The sycophant economists vacuously refer to this as “the New Normal”.

We also see this reflected in our so-called “education systems”. The goal here is (most-emphatically) not to educate, but rather to program the proletariat. Our schools are nothing but drone-mills, intended to churn out workers, with barely enough (real) education to follow instructions (the instructions of the factory-owners, i.e. the Oligarchs).

Students who endeavor to think for themselves are not merely actively discouraged, but often openly penalized for such non-conformist behavior. Such students don’t make good workers (i.e. wage units). They don’t “know their place.”

We see (again) this two-tiered, industrial feudalism reflected every day, in the policies of our corrupt governments, stooges bought-and-paid for by the Oligarchs. For those on the top: the official policy is always “bail-outs” (and now “bail-ins”). For the Little People; it’s nothing but “austerity” and more “austerity”. Even in the intentionally non-communicative euphemisms used by these political puppets; it’s impossible to hide the fact that these are now 100% two-tiered societies. Rob from the Poor; give to the Rich.

Obviously, (big-C) Capitalism is virtually opposite to (small-c) capitalism. Yet in the fantasy world of these idiot-ideologies; they wear the same hat. Since nothing can be its own opposite; we see the utter meaninglessness of this idiot-ideology exposed in empirically unequivocal terms.

By no means is capitalism alone here. While the flaws are different; all of the other idiot-ideologies are also fatally flawed, and thus totally deficient as models for societies. These are not precisely defined “blueprints”, from which we can build economies and societies. They are nothing more than hazy, philosophical visions; which (at best) can be considered as no more than partial influences on any economy/society.

We see this conclusion proven, empirically, in several different ways. First of all; there are no “pure” capitalist economies, anywhere in the world.  In “pure” laissez-faire capitalism; there are no rules/regulations. All commerce is governed by the Law of the Market (i.e the Law of the Jungle). Thus every rule and regulation which we have in our societies is antithetical to capitalism.

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