National Inflation Association Report: Our Favorite ETFs and ETNs

NIA is pleased to release its first report on Exchange traded funds (ETFs) and Exchange traded notes (ETNs). We believe one of the best ways to prepare for hyperinflation is by investing into ETFs and ETNs. ETFs and ETNs trade like stocks on a stock exchange but are used to track the price of a […]

Could The US Lose It’s AAA Rating? Profit With These ETF’S

An investor buys an idea and waits for that idea to materialize. It might take minutes, hours, days, sometimes even years for that idea to materialize. The longer the time frame, the more likely the idea will materialize profitably, according to an recent article in May/June 2009 issue CFA Institute Magazine. After it cut its […]

The Dollar Gets Taken To The Woodshed; How To Play It With ETF’s!

The U.S. Dollar is crumbling, down 3.25% this month.  Reality is finally sinking in: enormous budget deficits, out-of-control spending, monster bailouts, and banana republic tactics have put a bulls-eye on the greenback.  Don’t get trampled as the dollar gets taken to the woodshed! Fortunately, some ETFs and ETNs are designed to exploit such an environment.  […]