Gold’s Uptrend Remains Intact

It’s been a volatile month thus far for the precious metals market, with the price of gold (GLD) briefly trying to break higher this week before being rejected back into its trading range. On a year-to-date basis, gold continues to massively underperform other assets like the S&P-500 (SPY) and Bitcoin (BTC), but this underperformance continues […]

Gold Approaching Important Level

While Q2 started off strong, it was a rough finish to the quarter for the price of gold (GLD), with the metal dipping back into negative territory, down just over 4% year-to-date. This weak performance following the June Federal Reserve Meeting, where we saw the discussion of an earlier rate hike than initially planned. While […]

Big Breakout Brewing in Gold

It’s been an exciting Q2 for the precious metals complex, with the price of gold (GLD) recovering sharply from its February slide, with the metal now flat year-to-date. This recovery in the gold price has lit a fire under many gold miners, with previous leaders like Kirkland Lake Gold (KL) working on making new 3-month […]