U.S. Industrial Stocks Now Back on Top, As Emerging Markets Falter (IJK, XLI, XSD, FDN, VEU, EEM, EWZ, KCE, IAT, EPI, FXI, ECH, THD, XES, PBE)

Stocks tiptoed through a typically introspective, no drama December week in the past five days, with the Dow Jones Industrials rising 0.7%, and the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Russell 2000 all

Google Announced An Operating System Is In The Works, ETF Options?

Google plans to launch a new operating system for personal computers, an attempt to challenge the dominance of Microsoft’s Windows system. The open-source operating system is based on Google’s internet browser, Chrome. The Google Chrome OS will initially be targeted at netbooks, the smaller, no-frills, low-cost version of the laptop, said Google in a posting […]