Emerging Market ETFs: 7 Factors Every Investor Should Consider (THD, EEB, GXG, IDX, EEM, RSX, EPU, EWX, VWO, EEG, EWZ, HAO, BRF, FRN, FXI, YAO, PEK, PCY, ELD, EMB, CEW)

No matter where investors look in the developed world, the picture isn’t pretty. In the U.S. unemployment remains intolerably high, and uncertainty over the latest round of QE will continue

August ETF Data: Reversing Course (SPY, EEM, VWO, TUR, THD, EWX, DGS, PIE, FRN, GXG, ELD, HYG, JNK, PHB, UNG, GLD, IAU, SGOL)

The monthly ETF statistical bulletins have become somewhat predictable in recent months, as continued inflows into the ETF industry have been about as certain as death and taxes.

20 Insanely Hot ETFs In A Down Stock Market (GXG, ZROZ, IIH, THD, ECH, IDX, VXZ, EWM, JJT, JO, AMJ, FRN, PCY, PGF, EMB, ICF, PFF, GLD, FRI)

With the S&P500 cratering (uh-oh, we hit the dreaded Hindenurg Omen) and investors flooding to the (perceived) safety of Treasuries in droves, the thing that differentiates this market from the